What a Blog Can Do for Startups

People always ask, “What can a blog or blogging do for me?” It is a very good question. There are a lot of benefits to blogging and having a blog on your website. For one, it can help increase traffic to your site. A blog can help your SEO rankings. You can even get in the media with good, useful information that you push through a blog. With so many reasons available as to why blogging is great for your business, we have carved out the top four reasons you should blog.

1. Digital Footprint

In other words, it is an investment that over time pays out dividends. The beautiful thing about the internet is that once something is put out there, it never goes away. Although, in the minds of some politicians, that is the worst part about it. Some of the most visited blog posts see their biggest spike in traffic after 3 months or more.

2. Credibility

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People get to see who you are and what you believe in, through your writing or videos or in this case, both. Showcasing your philosophies, your skill sets, and your knowledge on a continual basis, does nothing but help you.

3. Expert

Very similar to reason number two, sharing your information in a practical way, establishes you and your company as the experts. People want to work with the experts, duh!

4. Being Opportunistic

The saying goes, “You never know what might happen.” That could not be any more true as it is when blogging. As long as you do it the right way and you have really good content, you are golden.

There you have it…our top four reasons on why blogging is great for your business. Do you have any stories of success? Have you got something out of your efforts on blogging? Please share it with all of us below.

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