The Top 10 SEO Blogging Tips

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  • I have to agree with your order and everything here. Content must be the focus of your blogging. If your content is good then everything else will follow.

  • Steve Kent says:

    Nice advice, I’ve read too much lately for grey hat like continuing article and directory submissions to the handful of sites that survived the recent culls, I think the number one technique more people need to appreciate is “no short cuts”, because encouraging quality doesn’t seem to make sense to a lot of people!

  • Gone are the days when people wrote content for search engines and not for people – thank goodness!

    I agree with your tips and hope that more and more blogs keep following these and other important points, so that all the content being created is relevant and engaging to us humans :-)

  • “Customers, Not Visitors.” Your #6 point is great. On my site, I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of visitors from India. In fact, they now number almost a third of my U.S. traffic. But not one sale, lead or referral has come from that traffic.

    • Mitz says:

      Hi Scott
      We all need customers and not mere visitors and any old traffic will not get you that! I wish traffic = customers but then this would be too easy!

  • Hey, Mitz Pantic…

    I would like to add one point that is, content which is published by others & republished with just few changes. That is not advisable to do it.

    I do agree with you… outgoing links but I would like to ask one thing that, what if I guide visitors for the reaching on my destination where visitors get’s actual things.

    Nitesh Ahir

  • Joe says:

    Great post mitz, these are awesome points that you have shared.

  • Mitz, these are all really great points. Climbing search results via partnerships and organic content are definitely strategies we support!

  • Cranvas says:

    The Point no 8 is very helpful as we all all just focus over the seo off page work for improving Google ranking and ignore the content present on the site which is sometime not right according to Google rules.So it is very important that we have to write proper and appropriate content for website by keeping keyword stuffing in mind.

  • Awesome post ,this post turned into new way for me
    thanks lot for sharing

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