The Importance of Blogging: Why Solo Legal Practitioners Should Embrace the Written Word

When it comes to operating as a solo legal practitioner, the most serious challenge is posed by market competition and the dominance of established corporations. Attempting to wrestle a share of the market can therefore be extremely difficult, regardless of the individual field of law that you choose to operate in.

Solo practitioners must therefore commit considerable time and effort into marketing their firm, and be willing to embrace innovative methods of establishing a strong market presence. While there are many ways in which to achieve this, however, blogging offers one of the most affordable and cost effective available to modern day law firms.

How Can Blogging Help to Promote your Firm and Establish a Strong Reputation?

The question facing solo practitioners is how can blogging actively improve their firms online presence and market standing? Consider the following: -

  • Inform your Visitors and Enrich Their Experience: The addition of a blog to your website has numerous benefits, especially in such a rapidly evolving and changeable market sector. A nation’s law is always vulnerable to change and ongoing amendments, and by creating a blog with topical content you can inform your visitors while supporting your firm’s standing at the forefront of industry developments. In addition to enriching your visitors experience, it will also encourage them to trust the legal capabilities of your firm.

  • Solicit Expert Content from Established Industry Names: Networking is a key part of marketing your firm as a solo practitioner, and creating a blog can help you to capitalize on the expert contacts that you make within the industry. More specifically, you can solicit high quality content and unique insight from leading authorities across the various fields of legal practice, which in turn will improve the appeal of your blog and its overall tone. Over time, this may even help to establish your blog as an authority in its own right and boost the profile of your firm considerably.

  • Offer Guest Posts and Develop External Links to your Website: While owning a blog enables you to solicit high quality content, it also gives you the opportunity to generate posts for external websites. These will include an external link back to your website, and help to boost its search engine listing while also allowing you to develop professional relationships with fellow blog owners and solo practitioners. The majority of guest posting opportunities are free, although having the capacity to publish external posts on your own blog also provides considerable incentive to other writers and website owners.

The Bottom Line

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While blogging has become a popular marketing practice in certain industries, it has yet to be fully embraced by legal service providers. As a solo practitioner you must seize upon every conceivable advantage that you have over larger corporations, and the development of a high quality and relevant blog may just enable your firm to gain a critical edge in the market. As a low cost and easily accessible marketing option, its potential reward far outweighs the effort required to establish it in the first instance.

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