The Immeasurable Benefits Of A Blog

Squeezing every last bit of utility out of the dollar is necessary. All too often, it seems that marketing finds itself on the cutting room floor. Inbound marketing, in particular.

Any inbound marketing strategy is highly dependent on a constant stream of original content. This content generally is found in a blog, which is disseminated through social networks, eNewsletters, and various other outbound channels.

This is a very tangible benefit of blogs. Counting retweets and viewing open rates of emails are all well and good, but sometimes you need something a little less physical and a little more instinctual.

Your blog is the fluid monologue of your corporate website, and your entire online presence by proxy. Services change, products change, personnel changes. Your blog can chronicle all of that.

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Your blog is the most flexible, adaptable and inviting part of your site. It can do so many things, including:

 Introduce Your Team

Your company is comprised of an eclectic, talented and enthusiastic group of professionals. Share their stories, their faces and their strengths. Your audience, believe it or not, is more interested in your team than the press releases you pump out. Create a personal touch with your brand, and your audiences will embrace it. There is no price tag on a comfortable business experience.

 Report The News

Any successful business is no stranger to change. In these times of turbulence, change is coming fast and furious. A regularly updated blog can chronicle these changes and keep clientele up-to-date on the happenings of your company. A blog also succeeds where a traditional press release fails. Incorporate video or images to create a comprehensive viewing experience.

 Share Your Passion

The hardest to measure, but the most important of all, is the passion you maintain for your business. Whether you write, analyze data, sell, speak or wash dishes – the company wants – needs – you to believe in the mission. A blog is a vehicle for conviction. Perhaps the statistics aren’t there to back it up, but a powerful, inspiring blog post can do more than just drive a little bit of traffic. It lets the audience know that this company believe in its product. A company can have a great bottom line, favorable returns and soaring stocks. It doesn’t mean much if the people driving the company don’t have faith in it.

Blog away, my friends. If nothing else, no one will ever doubt your commitment.

Jump start your online marketing efforts.

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