The Biggest Lesson @socialmouths Learned in his First 6 Months of Blogging

Some dudes just have that certain something, you know?

It’s hard to define, and it’s hard to capture. It’s impossible to bottle and sell. But whatever that something is, Francisco has it.

Francisco Rosales is the brains behind Socialmouths. One of the few online destination I frequent. His content is fresh, original, and distinctly lacking in echo chamber effect. Which is a great thing.

I’ve written about Francisco before in my Do You Bring The Thunder Every Time? post, so fans of my blog will already know that I have respect for Francisco. Needless to say, he does bring the thunder, every time.

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So I asked Francisco, what is the biggest lesson he learned in his first 6 months of blogging. Here is his response.

Francisco Says

I’d say not just the first 6 months but, the first year of blogging is crucial for anybody, specially if you’re launching your first blog.

I believe I did a few things right traveling through the bumpy learning curve but there was also a couple of big lessons I had to learn because of critical mistakes I made.

Business Mindset

While I never had the naive dream of making money from blog advertising, I was lacking a clear business objective.

I started SocialMouths not knowing how a blog could affect my business or what kind of commitment it would require to keep it afloat. My focus was on finding an audience and then take it from there but I quickly understood that blogs don’t make money, businesses do.

The reality is that a blog needs to focus on conversion, whatever that means in your specific business.

While I was able to put the blog on the map fairly quickly, it had no offer, no call-to-action and no clear objective other than, hopefully people will enjoy the content.

Lesson: You should know exactly why you’re blogging, you should align your digital efforts with your business goals and have a clear offer from day one.

Email Marketing

The second critical mistake I made was not starting to build an email list from the beginning. I had set up email subscriptions through FeedBurner instead, which is not the same.

Tweets and Shares are nice but the only digit you should focus on is the number of subscribers in your email list. There is nothing more valuable than that.

Your subscriber is giving you permission to send her information via the most private channel of communication there is online.

Lesson: Set up an account on your favorite email provider, learn everything about email marketing and place signup forms in strategic places to start building your list from day one.

As they say… The money is in the list.

Thnx Francisco

Align your blog with your business objectives and don’t buy the hype that email marketing is passe. People still have mailboxes, why would they not have inboxes?

  • What is the biggest lesson YOU learned in your first 6 months of blogging?

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