Stressing Over Your Blog’s Readership Can Lead to its Collapse

Stressed About Blog Readership

Page views on your blog are a highly sought after accomplishment. Do a quick Google search for, ‘more blog page views’, or anything similar, and you’ll be inundated with results.

They are a good thing. Page views demonstrate that people are actually reading your blog. In a sense, they’re validation for all of the hard work you put into it. They show you that people are paying attention to what you have to say.

All good things for sure, but it is important to know that page views do not equate to success when it comes to business blogging.

Many articles about how to garner more views, for instance, will tell you to write about popular topics, write about things that notable blogs are writing about in your category, to use your blog’s analytics to determine what the most popular topics are and write more about those things, and other such advice.

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What isn’t taken into account by most of these advisers is why you are blogging in the first place. I can all but guarantee that for most of you, it isn’t to get more page views. At least it shouldn’t be.

If you’re blogging for your business (so long as your blog isn’t your business, in that the majority of your revenue is from advertising dollars) then your primary goal is probably sales related.

All the energy and effort really isn’t worth anything to you if you’re not moving units, attaining new contracts, motivating repeat purchase, or swaying purchase intent, right?

So why so much focus on page views?

Success isn’t about the thousands of people that read your blog but never take action. Success is about the one person who reads your blog and makes a purchase.

While page views can be a nice side effect of effective blogging, striving solely to attain more views can lead you off course, and away from achieving meaningful objectives.

In hopes of increasing page views, if you only blog about proven popular topics in your category or industry, you might find that you have a more difficult time demonstrating your unique selling proposition, thoroughly conveying your competencies, and sharing your unique expert knowledge.

If you only blog about the topics that are most popular according to your analytics, then you could be ignoring the topics that are most effective at converting your readership, and enhancing your business or brand’s value proposition.

And if you only blog about popular topics – period – then the subject matter of your content will quickly stray from what is meaningful to your business and targeted consumers.

Try to avoid being sucked in by the lure of page views, and realize that your business blog’s success isn’t reliant on readership increasing each month. Instead stay focused on the value that your blog offers by being highly relevant to your targeted audience.

What are the primary goals you hope to accomplish with your business’ blog?

How do you measure your blog’s success and performance?

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  • Tim says:

    I agree that conversions are more important than mere page views, but it seems that increasing your percentage of page views will also increase the pool of potential visitors that you can try to convert.

  • I agree with you Mathew that you need to consider the value that your blogs offers. When writing a content you need to consider that it can relate to your prospect.

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