Spend Less Time Buildling Your Brilliant Bodacious Blog

Bsave-timelogs have become the new website! But blogs take time. You need to post at least once a week (twice is better and three times better still).

So your first thought might be, “How about hiring someone to ghost the posts for me?”

That’s a great idea if you’ve got the budget to hire a qualified, experienced copywriter. But if you’re going with someone at craigslist prices, you’re almost guaranteed to have a blog that’s far from bodacious.

– Ghost writers don’t come cheap. If you hire someone from craigslist or guru.com you have no assurance that your post will be original, craative and free of plagiarism.

– Your blog should reflect your views. It’s the way you create credibility. If you can’t write it yourself, draft out your ideas and get someone to edit (which will require less investment than creating posts from scratch). Or you can use video or audio.

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Instead consider whether you need a blog and if so, how to create posts faster and more effectively.

Not everyone needs a blog. It’s just one way to build traffic and establish credibility but not the only way.

And if you do, here’s your first time-saving tip: Plan your topics and template.

Topics: You can spend hours choosing blog topics. And when you choose a topic that doesn’t support your blog brand, your wasting time.

Pick three general areas related to your business. If you’re a financial planner, you might choose conserving wealth, retirement, and philanthropic giving.

Then under each topic, pick 5-10 sub-topics. For instance, under retirement you could have:
“Is there really a magic retirement number?”
3 ways a financial planner can speed your retirement
Richer than you think? 5 Most Commonly Overlooked Assets

Once you have titles, find 5 templates to organize your post, such as the “5 ways to…”

Then set up the calendar with a mix and match. Each month you’ll have at least one article on each topic. You’ve created all subtopics at once. And you can alternate templates so each topic gets a different template.

More guidelines to come!

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