Six Crucial Tips To Ensure Your B2B Blog Gets Found

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  • We, at do this work for travel-focused companies and are shocked by how little most companies who live and die by their ability to reach potential customers through the Web and sell through their site have not a clue as to how easy and how important this one move can be. Travel makes up one of the top search efforts on the Web and nearly every traveler starts their research there, yet companies selling tours or vacation rentals or attraction experiences hardly look to blog post creation as a way of answering these searches, if not converting them. A strange conundrum I encounter every day.

  • Hi Lark,

    Thanks for the comment. It’s true that many B2B companies don’t have any idea of the potential their content can have on the web, from a blog article to a rich media snipped (one of the best of Google’s new tools). There are so many channels today to further awareness but efforts are not being made because businesses see this as busy work that doesn’t always lead to ROI. Understandable, but not quite correct. We handle several companies that do huge numbers online. The reason they succeed is because of all the work they put into getting their info out there. It’s a task, but it does work.

  • Great tips! I am working on increasing views and readership for my company’s blog. The blog has some great, very interesting content, but because we are new, haven’t been able to attract many readers. Hopefully these tips will change that.

    • Always glad to help. There’s a lot more you can do as a B2B company to get the word out online and I’ve been mining that space for over 12 years. Any questions, don’t hesitate – and I’ll always be posting here (and responding). In addition, my book also goes into far more detail on this subject and others related to B2B marketing.

  • Hi Bill, thanks for this very timely & useful article! After knowing (yes,for years) that a blog was an essential business tool, we finally have our first three articles under our belt. We’ve committed our resources (a staff member devoted to the cause), mapped out our story & our timeline, and have begun introducing our blog via our social media platforms. While it does require commitment, it has been a surprisingly enjoyable process. Now we’ll begin to focus on discovery websites, press releases, and “unconventional” back-door methods like you suggested. Again, thanks!

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