Research: Corporate Blogging Bounces Back in Style

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  • Great to see that the big dogs are finally on the content train. I wonder whether part of the slowdown last year was due to a lack of understanding, a lack of budget, or simply a lack of bandwidth / support resources to get it done. Budget and headcount are not a 1:1 ratio, as you can have budgeted requisitions open that take months to fill. Once you hire those folks, the budget remains the same but you suddenly have a full 40+ hours / week of additional support to draw on.

    Regardless, I believe the content marketing “drum” has beaten loudly enough that even the most avid nonbelievers are coming around. And I must say, it’s about time.

  • Hi Tommy, you make a good point. However, the difference here is null. Perhaps I could have articulated it better, but the study does in fact show budgets will remain flat AND social media is being assigned as an additional duty.

    Two separate, but interrelated data points. A causal link is a tough case, but there is a correlation.

    Also, I did a lot of analysis on that Vocus study, so I’m pretty deep into the data. There’s a lot of similar in the findings on that study and on this one.

    Two statistically significant studies saying the same thing? Get my excited.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • As the author of this study, I first want to say thanks Frank for your thoughtful post of on our findings. Your take aways are right on. I also agree that when good studies begin to point in the same direction, we’re on to something. As you said, “the social media race is long”. It’ll be fun to see where we go from here!

  • Hi Nora, thanks for the comment. It’s awesome having you stop by. We’re on a trend line, I can feel it, but there’s also data. Keep up the great work! I’m on your email list and look forward to the next study.

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