Plan Before You Publish: 5 Steps to Business Blogging Success

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  • Great job Shelley. As crazy as it sounds, I never really thought about researching other blogs as a preparation for my own blogging. That is one point I’m going to add to my own blogging. I’ve added your blog to my favorites. Like Arnold says, “I’ll be back.”

  • Thank you for such a great article. This article is helpful for any person who is starting up the business blog. You are right on regards the dedication required in blog writing and blogs are important to make a online brand image. Having a personal blogs is different and managing a business blog is different thing to do. It is important for business to understand the value of the blogs, as it generates long-term value for business. And it is the double edged sword. The discontinuity of the blog can lead to staining of the company image. Blogs can be a great backlink for your other articles posted. And your engagement in the sites can be increased by using blogs and social media together.

    This articles provided the handy tips for individual and companies starting their business blogs.

    Thanks again.

    Adma Maharjan st Simplify360(

  • Good read, thanks! Last point #5 is especially important, it’s incredible how often you see this! A blog should be at your domain not some other destination on the web.

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