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When it comes to blogging it’s easy to slip into the linearity trap. It’s easy to think about your story as the writer and not a reading or consumption mindset.

Blog post series are not for you. They are for other bloggers your customer.

Let me explain…

Think about the link economy.

As a writer you are thinking about your story. Stories are linear, with beginnings, middles and ends.

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That was certainly the case before hyperlinking. Today I’d argue people follow their interests, over following a story.

There’s a blogger value to having your content linked to. Ariana Huffington was one of the first to coin the term “Link Economy”.

Charlie Rose summarized.

“We have seen the future and it is here. It is a linked economy. It is search engines. It is online advertising. That’s where the future is. And if you can’t find your way to that, then you can’t find your way.”

Links = content currency.

Linking and serializing your story don’t just improve the experience for the readers they also make it easier for bloggers to link to your content at a more granular level. That linking brings currency to your content.

You learn more about which parts of your story really connect.

Be share-worthy.

With the rise of the “Share Economy” in 2013 you need to think about your share-worthyness. Sharing is on the rise.

We share partly as a coping mechanism.

We share to collaborate.

We share to learn, to help and be helped.

Blog post series improve your share-worthiness.

When I read a post that I like and I discover it’s part of a series I feel a sense of joy. I think about curating the content into a blog post, but I also think how when and why to share it. I think about who will derive value from a specific collection of content.

When I find something great and it’s in a series I know there’s more to explore for me and more to share with others.

Think about Netflix. Series provide a better return on your discovery effort. Series are easy to recommend.

We live in a world where “series” carry cultural value. We all know the power of sequels.

The discovery of great content brings you social currency.

There are people who produce content to share – the discoverers of great content and there are consumers. There are those who give and those who take. Sharing is a gift economy.

Plan your story ark.

Blog post series are a great way to explore your domain and get focused. They also offer your readers non-linear consumption, thereby by-passing the linearity trap. The series promotes non-linear discovery.

You should plan to write multiple posts as a series instead of one long post. Think about how to structure your information delivery to maximize link-ability and share-ability

Split your ideas up in to manageable chunks.

Let your ideas evolve.

Give your ideas space to grow.

You can start high level and then drill deeper and deeper into more posts, depending on the complexity and options available in your topic.

This guest blog post is part of one of my blog post series.

Precise posts improve your organic SEO rankings and chances of being found.

  • Blog post series make your content more accessible to your audience.
  • You offer multiple entry points (and exit points)
  • You become easier to link to and easier to share. You can share and link at the point of interest.
  • Links to your posts can be more precise.
  • It’s more practical to write a number of shorter posts
  • You get several bites at the SEO cherry – multiple headlines to test.
  • 16% of all Google searches are new searches – even to Google. That’s a lot of unanswered questions

Your blog post series enables you to create awesome content marketing and it will help you get found.

Good luck.

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