Increase Your Guest Blogging Conversion Rate Using High Quality Images


You probably know it already that guest blogging is a highly effective strategy for building links driving referral traffic to a site. You may even come up with a nice targets list, do a really nice outreach, and yet, you may be left banging your head against the desk for having a pretty poor conversion rate.

Well, even if you try your best with writing a really great post, without a nice introductory image or a few in-content ones, many authoritative blogs in your niche will simply refuse to publish your post or, in the better case, ask you to ‘refine your post’ a bit.

Many ‘getting your blog posts published‘ type of guides miss this point altogether. But, high-quality images can really make the difference.

A common thought that come into people’s mind when they hear ‘high-quality content’ is long-form textual content. This actually doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Authoritative blogs in your field will be more than interested publish high-quality content, regardless of whether it’s a 100% textual piece weighing at around 2K words or not.

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For example, when I published my guide on Domain Authority, I also included an infographic within the post for those with shorter attention spans who prefer visual content over traditional textual content. That in turn helped me get it republished on a numerous top industry blogs including Business2Community and Search Engine Journal.

You can consider those as mini guest posts, but technically, they too were guest posts, albeit with a greater focus on visual content. And who told you that guest posts always have to be text-centric?

So, alongside your traditional guest post outreach best practices, you can make the most out of your guest posting campaigns by including high-quality images along with your guest posts to make them stand out.

Now, because I hired a freelancer on oDesk, you don’t have to be limited to just that if you’re not going to do handle the design yourself. You can try Elance for a direct alternative. The last option for you would be to fire up some design contests on sites like 48 Hours Logo and Dexigner.

I was able increase my guest blogging conversion rate by upto 84% when I started equipping my sites with nice looking visuals. What about you? Try this and let me know in the comments. :)

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