How To Maximize Your Guest Blogging Efforts

Guest blogging is a staple to most online marketing campaigns. It serves a few purposes which include getting quality, relevant links back to your website to help your search ranking as well as building brand awareness around your name on already-established sites.

The Problem With Most Guest Blogging Strategies

When looking for guest blogging opportunities, most content marketers will search the web for keywords they are interested in ranking for and “guest post” so that they can contribute to a site relating to their targeted keywords. The problem with this plan is that these sites are possibly your competition in some capacity. Also, if a potential customer lands on your article on their site, even if you get your byline with a link, they are more likely to peruse other articles on that site rather than head over to your site.

How To Solve This Problem

If you want to capture your audience from a guest blogging opportunity, you are better off finding a complimentary site to post on that does not offer more information of what you are an expert in. For instance, if you are a nutritionist, a quality guest blogging opportunity could be writing for an exercise site that focuses on workouts. You have the same target audience (people trying to lose weight or get in shape) but offer a slightly different solution that doesn’t steal away from the main exercise focus.

This will allow you to build credibility with your target audience and also give them more incentive to click through to your site and learn more about nutrition instead of looking at other nutrition articles on the site they are already on.

How To Find These Opportunities

Searching Google For Guest Blogging Opportunities

The usual suggestion when searching for a guest blogging opportunity is to search Google for

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intitle:”target keyword” intext:guest post

This is a great tactic for finding opportunities, but will posting on these sites get you the maximum benefit? I believe a complimentary site would have a higher click through rate to your own site. So instead of the standard keyword search, add in complimentary keywords that you don’t target. In our nutritionist example, you may be searching for guest posts with a keyword like “healthy recipes” or “nutrition tips”. What I would propose instead would be searching for “fat burning exercises” or “weight loss workouts” or something along those lines.

Now you are providing additional quality for the site owner by giving them content that their audience is interested in, but they do not offer. It also gets you in front of your target audience with a reason for them to want to learn more about you and what you have to offer instead of what else the website they are on has to offer.

Ask Your Visitors What Other Websites They Follow

Who would know better where your target audience is than your target audience? Set up a simple form on your website and ask your visitors to tell you what other sites they like. This will also give you a nice way to introduce yourself to the website manager you want to contribute to.

If you cold email a website to ask to submit a new article, don’t you think they’d be more likely to hear you out and accept your post if you tell them that your visitors are also fans of theirs? This could also lead to content exchange where they would want to give you content to offer on your site!

Sales Funnel Of Guest Blogging

You can take advantage of guest posting to earn you actual business.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Guest Posting Traffic

When you link back to your website from a guest post, you should have a relevant page set up that they would be specifically interested in based on the topic of your guest article. Sending people to the home page of your website is really leaving visitors on the table. They are more likely to be overwhelmed with where they should go next to learn more about their interests.

If you have written an article for another website and it is a healthy recipe for a post workout meal, someone clicking through to your website is probably interested in more healthy recipes, right? So instead of sending them to your home page, send them to an archive page on your website of a list of more healthy recipes that you have posted. This brings them through your sales funnel from the top level.

Maximizing Your Guest Posting Efforts

I am a full supporter and encourager of guest blogging as a marketing strategy. If used properly, guest blogging can show a true return on your marketing efforts.

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What is your experience with guest blogging? How have you seen the most success when contributing content on other websites?

I’d love to hear what your experiences are with guest blogging. What have you seen fail? What has worked best for you? Leave comments and let’s start a great discussion!

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  • these are awesome tips, thanks for sharing these. We recently just featured a top blogger on our weekly marketing show who talked about the importance of guest blogging. The only thing to remember is this can take time (up to a year) before you start seeing fruits from your labor. Cheers

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