How to Jumpstart Your Blog

blog2Every year, January is often a very busy month at a gym. That’s because there’s typically a surge of individuals who’ve written “get fit” on their list of New Year’s resolutions.

These people are called tourists by gym regulars because they’re likely to be gone by February. Perhaps the same term could be used to refer to aspiring bloggers who start out establishing a blog only to take it for granted after a couple of months.

If you really want to use blogging as a tool for growing your business, then you’ll have to commit to making it work. You’ll have to spend time and energy on its maintenance and you’ll have to come up with a good strategy to ensure success.

Whether or not you’ve availed of the services of a professional SEO company, it’s imperative that you ensure your blog is the recipient of effective tactics and a clear-cut plan. A properly started blog is a lot easier to maintain.


You’re likely to get some valuable insights from the most successful blogs and the articles with the most number of comments.

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Another option is to ask your target market outright what they want to hear from you. If you have a Facebook page, then you could pose a question there as regards what people would want you to blog about.

Otherwise, you could send out e-mails to your prospects asking them what topics they’re most interested in. This will allow you to directly address their concerns in your blog and they’ll surely appreciate you for it.

Stand Out

Naturally, your blog isn’t likely to do you any good unless it stands out from the crowd. Remember that there are now hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, so you’ll have to offer your target audience a good reason for them to choose your blog over others of its kind.

In order for your blog to stand out, you’ll have to make sure it has excellent content, good visuals, and a unique style. Don’t just write about whatever takes your fancy. Instead, use your business niche as the underlying theme of your blog and write about the latest happenings in the industry.

Take a stand regarding a recent event affecting your industry, do some live blogging from important industry events, and conduct interviews with industry experts and then blog about it.

A Good Layout

As for visuals, make sure your blog has the kind of layout that’s pleasing to the eyes. No one wants to spend much time on a blog with a cluttered layout.

You could also insert a few photos, graphics, and videos to break the wall of text from time to time. You may even occasionally post a video blog to keep your site from becoming boring. People are naturally visual and they will be sure to appreciate an occasional break from traditional blogging.

And remember that having a personal style of writing is the best way to reach out to your audience and make them feel like they’re speaking with a real person rather than simply reading a bunch of words. Most importantly, you can’t jumpstart your blog by waiting around. So, go ahead, DO IT!

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  • Warren says:

    It’s easy to quit when the traffic, sales, comments, etc. aren’t happening as fast as you’d like but to be honest that is probably the time you need to redouble your efforts and get out there and get connected even further.
    Thanks Emma

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