How To Get More Blog Traffic

TrafficLike other things in digital marketing there is no exact science to getting more traffic to your blog. There are guidelines and best practices, but no magic bullet.

Instead, there is measuring and analyzing. Knowing your audience and delivering. Trial, error and experimenting.

Here are some things I do to help Marketing Press increase it’s site traffic through content. Give them a try, then modify them to work for your site.

Tips For Getting More Blog Traffic

    • Check your content: Are you writing articles that are worth reading? Are you solving problems? Do you offer helpful tips to your readers? Take an honest look at your posts and critique them. I think I am safe to say that every audience would prefer high quality helpful posts versus 300 words of crap. Many people make the mistake of holding back information. Screw that. If you publish tips on a topic within your subject matter expertise and it helps someone overcome a challenge — guess who they will consider an expert? You. It’s easy to be helpful and the more helpful you are the better your content will be.
    • Read other blogs and participate: This is an easy one. Be active in reader other people’s content. Read the content of your competitors, bloggers you admire and other blogs that deal with your topics — and leave an intelligent comment. Most commenting systems link your name to your site. Remember links? If your comment is spot on (agree or disagree) topic, others who read your comment may click to see what you’ve written. This is a great way to gain some traffic. Please note: if your comment only consists of, “Thanks for your post.” Save it, because that comment has zero value.
    • Pay attention to analytics: Study your past post trends and analytics. If posting on Saturday gets you 100 views, but posting on Tuesday gets you 500 — when do you think you should post? If ‘How To’ articles are more popular than cat articles, maybe ‘How To’ articles are more valuable to your audience. Know the metrics, know your audience and post accordingly. I like to post articles on Tuesdays (and for some reason Sundays also works for me.)
    • Social Media: Participate in conversations through social media, be helpful and post links to relevant posts. Don’t be the person who only blasts out links to posts. While that may help in the short term, it will irritate people and lessen your click through rate over time.
    • Write guest posts: If you have a network of bloggers you know ask them if you can write a guest post for their site. If you write articles that are of value, they will say yes. This is a win-win situation. Your audience gets exposed to another topical site, and you start to become known in a different circle. People do not do this enough.

Notice this article doesn’t mention any SEO tips or tricks. If you write high quality content, the search engines will know. Do it enough and they will start sending traffic your way.

These tips are proven. This is how I get traffic to my WordPress development and blogging tips posts. Start with the content, monitor the analytics and then work on your broadcast methods. This system works. It may not be overnight, but trust me it works (you’re reading this.)

Leave a comment let us know what works for you. I’d love to expand my horizons and put some of your techniques to work.

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