How to Generate Blog Post Ideas from Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic visual medium. The real value and viral capability of Pinterest is that people will repin images much faster than a chunk of text. Many people who are still new to Pinterest haven’t seen what full potential this network actually has. While there are numerous ways to think up a blog post idea, Pinterest may be the first place you check from now on. Browse through pins and boards of a topic of interest (or look up something that you would like to gather more information on) to get your creative juices flowing. Check out what your friends, other pinners are pinning about and see what is resonating most with Pinterest followers. In other words, check out what boards and pins are getting comments/repined/liked a lot.

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Pinterest has grown immensely since its debut in 2010. Essentially it is an online scrapbook that can organise your favourite pastimes, hobbies, interests etc visually in categories of your choice. Pinterest can be a great place for bloggers to leverage themselves and make their ideas spread.

Readers like pretty images and videos

When most people re-pin/like items posted on Pinterest, they are usually taken from other sources. When you are writing your blog and you have an awesome image or video that really highlights what your blog is about, pin it and use it as your lure to entice your readers. But, make sure that your boards are not all self-promotional as you may find it difficult to attract your target audience or you may lose your audience all together. For example, if you have a food blog and you are on Pinterest, there is no problem is having a board titled “My irresistible recipes” and linking to your blog page; but, mix it up and have boards that may give “Tips & Tricks for Beginner Bakers”, or “Cooking No-Nos” by linking to other helpful pins. As you begin pinning content posted by others, you can build relationships (get more followers!) which can eventually lead to an increase in blog readership for you.

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Build your audience

Pinterest hit 10 Million US visitors faster than any standalone site ever. What does this mean? Well, chances are your target audience for your blog are likely on Pinterest. If you know who some of them are (or who they could be), start following their boards/pins and hopefully they will do the same for you. You can engage with them by liking, repinning, and commenting on their pins. The more followers you have, the more people from their networks will see your posts as well to possibly increase your exposure for your blog. When people repin your images to their boards they are building links back to your website.

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Not sure who your target audience should be? Do you have any role models in life? Chances are, you do. Similar on Pinterest, look for people who you see as online influencers for your subject of interest. In other words, look for people who have been established for a while (on/off Pinterest) and start following/commenting/repinning their content. With this, you have the potential to showcase your pins to their audience, which can lead to great exposure and traffic to your Pinterest page and blog. Cool eh?

Store your ideas for future use

If you find yourself getting stumped about blog topics on a regular basis, try creating an editorial calendar. By using an editorial calendar you can take away some of the stress by planning in advance what you’ll write about. To complement this calendar, you can also create a board on your Pinterest page called “Motivating Posts” and store your ideas there for future use.

Not on Pinterest yet?

No problem! Check out our 2-minute video on How to Create a Pinterest Business Profile (it’s really easy!) and then take a look at our 3 Tips for Making a Professional Pinterest Page for Business.

How has Pinterest helped your business? Share your stories below!

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