How to Consistently Create Content for Your Blog

Some days, the hardest thing in the world to do is create content. It seems that no matter how Herculean the effort, the words just sit there like a lump. Those can be frustrating days – you want so badly to write something compelling and the words just don’t come.

The more you force it, the worse it seems to get.

Now, since recently I wrote about how important writing a blog is and how to optimize it, I thought I should follow up this time with some tips on how you can maintain a well-stocked “ideas” folder you can use to create content for your blog.

Here are a dozen ideas to get you started:

Answer common questions. Without a doubt, your sales team gets asked the same few questions over and over. Identify the 10 most commonly asked and write a blog post for each that clearly answers it.

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Share industry information. A blog is a great opportunity to share compelling information that persuades prospects. Collect and share statistics about your industry, images, video testimonials, white papers, survey results, etc.

Create lists. Top 5s are always good. Coming up with new blog posts is often a function of simply framing data or thoughts in an interesting way.

Share your opinion. Pick a hot-button topic related to your industry or your customers’ challenges and write an opinion article stating your position.

Break news. Think like a reporter: Has an announcement recently been made that has an impact on your industry or your customers’ industries? Summarize the news announcement and then explain what it means for prospects and customers.

Ask questions. Create a short survey and send it to your customers, or post in on your Facebook page. First, blog that it’s out there. Then, use the data you receive back as topics for different blog articles.

Read and react to others. Find and read other blogs related to your industry and write reviews of the blog’s content in your blog. Be sure to link back to the article you reviewed and leave a comment on the article.

Use LinkedIn Answers. Write an article that answers a question that’s asked on LinkedIn. Make sure you comment and link back to your article in the LinkedIn group or discussion.

Educate. Find examples that can be used to teach people how to do something related to your industry. For example, a “how to” guide like this blog post.

Go through your inbox. You probably receive dozens of industry e-mails and prospect inquiries on a daily basis. Use the more compelling ones for blog postings – after you have answered them, or course.

Repurpose other content. Look at your company’s FAQ section on the website and break each question and its answer into a separate blog article.

Show results. Write about a customer success story and have them do a guest blog post or quote them in the post you write. Use the blog as an opportunity to show the value in the product or service you provide.

As always, the best way to eliminate uncertainty about your blog content is to plan. As we start the new year here at Weidert Group, we will be updating our content plan. Not only will we review who will write and their areas of expertise, but we are going to add a weekly review of upcoming blog topics to help each other stay on task.

What are your plans to keep your blog well-stocked and on-point for 2012? Let us know. We would love to feature your ideas.

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