How to Blog For SEO Benefits

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  • Making use of blogs for promoting the online business is considered to be one of the effective marketing tools to increase traffic to one’s website. It is mainly used to increase communication and interaction with targeted customers.

  • Blogging is an essential part of business nowadays, especially if you live off of web traffic and attract leads through it.

    Blog posts now double as SEO, well, that is if you know how to optimize them.

    Really helpful post!

  • Interesting pointers, especially on Authorship. Now that’s something very new and of course to be used. NNNot sure why you did not mention anything on back links. that’s a huge and still very important subject.

  • I’d like to add something to your great list of tips because a lot of people forget it: meta descriptions are among the very basics when it comes to SEO, but lots of people forget that meta descriptions are mostly for people.

    Better said: a meta description usually becomes the description just below the title in the search results. So, by writing an engaging meta description that invites people to come check out your page? You usually get a higher clickthrough rate than the search results around you, which means you will rank higher over time. Tons and tons of search results have ZERO interesting meta descriptions, so I can’t stress enough how important this tip is. I’ve ranked #1 lots of times just by following the tips above AND having a meta description with a call-to-action in it.

  • Great short post on the benefits of blogging – already tweeted it my followers.
    I’m especially glad you put the link in there about Google Authorship – loads of small businesses I deal with this simply don’t know about this service.
    Well done!

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