Guest Blogging Tips: Are You A Guest Blogger or a Guest Blojjer?

Many experts, including my favorite blogging advocate, vouch for guest blogging because – if applied well – it is one hell of a marketing tool. The reason why you’ve never before heard of blojing is because the phrase doesn’t exist beyond the remits of this post. It is borrowed from my imagination to represent the class of self-appointed ‘experts’ who guest blog joke. Blojing = Blogging + Joking? It does make sense now, right?

Guest blojjers are in it for the backlink, and not necessarily to inform. They are motivated by the link, and – most unfortunately – nothing else. And it is sad. Because it defiles the original purpose of guest blogging.

Any post, whether published on your blog or on a guest blog, must seek to educate or entertain your readers. It must address a particular problem. It must offer a solution. The backlink is just a token for all the toiling that goes into the making of a great guest post.

Go in guns-blazing for the backlink only, and you will end up with a guest bloj. Sad. Just sad.

So, are you guilty of the heinous crimes of blojing? Or, are you a dedicated guest blogger who gets volumes of traffic back to their website?

If you fall in the former category, here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

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Tip 1: Blog In Your Niche And About Your Favorite Topic

It is sad what most guest blojjers ‘need’ to go through just to pull off their ultimate guest blog. They will start off by identifying all but the right niches. And if that isn’t bad enough, they will shoot themselves in the foot by writing on a topic they wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

Guest blojjers believe every popular blog is ripe for backlink harvesting. Wrong! This can only be true if the popular blog in question lives within the boundaries of your niche.

For instance, guest blojing on a Buddhism topic when your blog is all about selling Bibles (no pun intended) could be fatal (it will be fatal). You are better off guest blogging on a Christian blog network (where your target audience thrives).

If Google won’t catch up with you based on the misplaced backlink, your new found audience (if any) will call out your blogging bluff soon enough.

So choose your guest blogging niches well, and go for topics that both you and your target audience will love.

Tip 2: Take Your Time And Prepare

Time is money and blah blah…but the greatest of follies is going in ill-prepared. Take time to put together a fabulous post. Remember, you want to deliver a solution that will in turn drive eyeballs to your website. You want your guest blog to be a home run.

You want the readers to cheer all the way to your blog. You want them wanting nothing more than clicking through to your website, if possible, even before reading the whole post.

You want to establish authority from the word go. And that takes time. But you’re one foot through the door if you choose your topic well. If you’re guest blogging within your niche, you will have all the firepower to hit bull’s-eye in a matter of seconds.

Take time to prepare all the ammunition you will require. Because guest blogging is a fierce battle, and only the well-prepared survive. This means you have to be ready with supportive resources (preferably on your website) to back your guest blog.

Taking your time means also preparing your website well in advance. You need the audience, right? But what happens if they decide to check out your website and find total anarchy instead? They will ‘skip’ my friend. They will run for their eyes!

Take time to prepare your website. Guest blogging is just a marketing tool; it is going nowhere!

Tip 3: Reply To Comments Already!

It is no use writing the swiftest of blog posts if you won’t engage your target audience in one-on-one conversations. That’s why you have the comments section – to collect feedback and drive conversation. Not to gauge how saucy your post was. Feedback is the keyword.

Nothing says ‘I’m not interested, go away’ more than an inactive comment section. If your readers leave feedback, and you have no time to reply, they will assume you are not interested or you’re too busy for them. And they will back off, and disappear into thin airternet. See what I did there? Airternet? Genius, right? Moving on.

Tip 4: Guest Blog Already!

One thing that kept me from guest blogging for sure was not insufficient knowledge or lack of opportunities, but my somewhat inherent inability to churn out my first guest blog.

I said somewhat inherent because the mind has a nasty trick that befalls us all. This nasty trick borrows heavily from fear of criticism and what nots.

The mind may trick you into believing that you aren’t good enough as yet. That you’re lacking in certain faculties. That those other experts out there were born that way; with their powers and all, and you are doomed since you weren’t as privileged. This lie is often too strong it masks our ability to identify and utilize our strengths.

Trust me, you will never learn from fear or inaction. You will never learn from doing nada; naught; zilch! You will only fail if you do nothing. And you will fail miserably. So, get out your pen and paper (Ms-Word) and get drafting.

Draft your guest blogs and ship out the ideas. Let the editors who respond help you learn. That is the point; learning from everything, more so your failures. Don’t be silly, the world will never revolve around you. Plus, there are no shortcuts; nothing good and worth having is served on a silver platter.

Tip 5: Learn And Learn Some More

I’m no expert, and I will never claim to be. What I am is a work in progress; I learn every new day. I change; I improve and build on my skills. I try my best not to get comfortable in the maligned belief that I finally made it to ‘expertville’. Nope, that will never be my style.

For I’m of the notion that learning is a continuous process, just like the life we live. You can never really stop learning. Thus, you are ever a work in progress – a student of your chosen path in life.

Your today does determine your tomorrow, but only in a small way. You determine your tomorrow. So, if you want to become an expert guest blogger tomorrow, learn all you can today. I recommend this guy. Man, he is one hell of a guest blogging school all by himself.


So, if you are sick of being the guest blogging joke of all time, you will pick out what suits you from this post. If you own online properties and desire to learn more about creating effective web content (Hoot! Hoot! Now this is my area!), please check out my blog!

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