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As broadband and high-speed mobile connections continue to grow in usage among consumers, some Video Blog Templatebloggers are beginning to abandon text almost entirely. Instead, they’re creating “vlogs,” a video blog which is self-produced and shared online in the same way as a standard blog.

Since people are more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy article, and videos are more likely to be shared online than text, it makes some sense if you want to put your ideas in front of as many people as possible.

To get the most out of video blogging, however, you’ll need to revamp your site. A webpage layout that’s suitable for browsing text articles is insufficient for a vlog. The good news is that if you’re on any of the standard blog hosting sites, such as Blogger or WordPress, there’s an easy solution to your problem: using a video blog template.

The Basics Of The Video Blog Template

One of the best aspects of the popular blogging sites is the existence of templates, which can be freely shared and which give you a new layout for your site. WordPress calls these “Themes” while Blogger uses “Templates,” but it’s the same thing either way.

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By finding and installing a new video blog template, you can quickly and easily change the layout of your site to focus on your new vlogging efforts, without having to go to the hassle of personally changing your layout.

Further, finding new templates is extremely simple. A basic Google search for “Blogger Templates” or for “WordPress Themes” will take you straight to dozens of sites which all have numerous free templates to browse through. There are so many, in fact, that this immediately opens up a new problem:

What Video Blog Template Do I Want?

Tripwire Magazine recently published an article with some of the best video blog templates they’ve seen, and that seems like a fine place to start. Browse around, and look for layouts that you honestly like, and that fit with the tone of your blog. Here are a few elements that we’d suggest you look to include:

  • A sliding bar with thumbnails that allow visitors to quickly see your content.
  • A big central viewing area. The bigger the better, if you’re dealing with high-definition content.
  • A clean, uncluttered layout. Don’t be afraid of white space. It draws attention to the elements that really matter – your blog
  • Easy access to plenty of social sharing buttons. You might also consider adding interactive apps to your videos that integrate sharing directly into them, to reduce clutter.
  • Some sort of most popular / most viewed ranking chart.
  • Links inviting people to join your YouTube channel, subscribe to your newsletter, or whatever other ongoing content streams you have.

A Word On Mobile

One word of warning when you’re looking for your dream video blog template: if you go too heavy on added features, or use a lot of HD content, consider creating a stripped-down mobile version of your vlog for on-the-go users.

You can use YouTube’s default settings to drop your video quality to something mobile users can more easily download, as well as reducing the length of time it takes to load your vlog in the first place. These days, if you exclude mobile users, it’s at your own risk.

Video Blogging Builds Fans

If you’re a strong public speaker, vlogging can ultimately gain you more fans and more mindshare than even the most popular text blogs. Just remember that you need to wrap that content in a template that makes it accessible and engaging, so people will want to share what they’ve discovered.

Good luck!

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