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Blogging With Passion

I just finished reading from Craig McBreen – Why businesses must blog with passion, a great post with a lot of good ideas.

Craig is absolutely right. We need more passion from bloggers, especially those representing companies to tell their story in a way that excites us or gets our attention.

Some reasons why blogging needs to improve.

  • I am so tired of reading the same old story, especially social media blogs, (Example “5 tips to use Twitter”, Tip 1 – Engage More” )
  • Also, more and more blogs are trying to sell their products. It becomes a sales gimmick rather than information.
  • Writers are getting lazier. New ideas are not coming out as much as they used to. More mature audience
  • People are smarter
  • People are demanding more

Seriously… It is time to step up and give people better information.

Here are some ideas to help you ignite some passion into your blogs.

Add a real voice to your blogs – You can add some emotion to your posts and more important, “Talk from Experience” Experience matters. When I post something on this blog site, you can bet that I am talking from my experience and my results.

Show people you care – I want to write posts that matter and that make a difference today. I want you to take away something from my blog post.

Get excited about what you write – This isn’t a research paper. If I am not excited about this post, why should I expect others to be excited about it.

Stick to a dedicated subject or theme – On my company blog, I do not talk about social media. I talk about news affecting our business and clients.

Share your post on social media -”Give a Reason for checking out your Blog” – Don’t just repeat the title – – Provide a Caption

Have Fun – Writing a blog post should be a fun experience. You will have good days and bad days writing posts, the main thing is to stick to it and not make it a stressful event.

Blogging with Passion – I love it! – – How do you show your passion on your blog?

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