Blogger Burnout? 5 Ways to Get Your Groove Back

Ever write a great post that didn’t get any traction? Then you see someone’s generic recycled post that essentially says nothing – and it has a landslide of views. Maybe you try harder and still no luck. Blogger’s burnout starts to creep in. We’ve all been there. Here’s what helps me get my groove back..

You probably don’t need to find a whole new library of books to read and learn from, but if you enjoy it anyways here are some favorites. You might not even need more tools to connect with influencers and find popular topics. Sometimes, you have to step back and remember why you’re here.

When you first start blogging, there’s a passion – an idea – and you just have to share it with the world. Try these 5 tips to help regain that perspective and start with a clean slate:

Tip #1 – “Make it Awesome”
This catch phrase comes from 10 year old comedian Robby Novak, YouTube’s beloved “Kid President.” Robby has Brittle bone disease but works to make the world an awesome place by dancing, inspiring others and helping kids to find their voice and be heard. His pep talk gives you a prod to never be boring.

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Have you found your voice, or has it become formulaic from all the copywriting rules for headlines, sub-heads, bullets and keywords? Tactics are great and every blogger needs to know and use them. Still, I doubt Robby gained his popularity by stalking Matt Cutts daily for the latest rules of the game. He was too busy making it awesome and kissing Beyonce on the cheek in an interview.

businessplanStep #2 – Strengthen Your Foundation
From the internet’s earliest days, people recognized how easy it is to stray from content on a hyperlinked tangent. You might think that business plans are the stuff of MBAs and corporate bureaucracy. A blogger doesn’t need one, right? I’d urge you to reconsider but with a caveat: keep it simple. One of the best things a business plan can do for your blog is define your focus so you stay on topic. The focus includes not only your content, but what you want it to do. Make a sale? Educate? Inspire?

Over at ProBlogger, they have a great article on business plans for blogging. No matter what your level of involvement, there’s good information that can help you. Rest assured, you won’t spend days doing a bureaucratic exercise that just takes away from writing time.

Step #3 – Use Your Time Productively
Speaking of writing time, there are over 2,600 books about time management available. Apparently they’re not working. This year, I finally found a book that does. “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan forces you to acknowledge that not all tasks are created equal. It teaches you to ask the question “What’s the ONE thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”The book does a great job of explaining incremental progress, things that kill your productivity, and the importance of asking the right questions. I highly recommend this philosophy of taking an honest look at how you spend your time.

Step #4 – Take a Page from the Best Storytellers
Storytelling should be one of the top techniques in your blogging arsenal. People relate to stories and remember them better. Anyone can find information on the internet, so the way your information is packaged and delivered is a big part of what makes you stand out. Emma Coats, a story artist from Pixar, shared Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling with online followers. They’re well worth reading and practicing.

Rule #14 is especially relevant to bloggers in a rut: “Why must you tell THIS story? What’s the burning belief within you that your story feeds off of? That’s the heart of it.”

Step #5 – Share Your Stories as a Guest Blogger
Guest blogging can still be a valid way to get your name out there and draw more traffic to your own blog. These partnerships can be challenging to obtain, but they pay off. Here are 10 posts on becoming a better guest blogger. The first post is by Neil Patel and when he talks, people listen.

So there you have it. While blogging can be challenging, it’s also very rewarding. Try these tips the next time you’re stuck – they might just get you back on track!

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