Blogception: Blogging is the New Black


This is a blog series about how to start a blog that will sometimes reference the tips and tricks I’ve learned from creating my food/booze blog, It’ll cover all the other things you need to know – mainly: the how, the what, the where, the when, and the why should anyone care.  

You have something to say.  And the nerve to say it. Hmm…Now what?

Blogging is so hot right now and everyone wants a piece.  But before you spend a ton of time really putting yourself out there, figure out what you want to get out of it all.

First, spend 5 minutes and write down the obvious reasons you think you want a blog – just get the easy stuff out of your system. Then, sit down and actually think about it.  Turn on your brain (sound effects always help) and just start writing your thoughts/ideas for opportunities/etc. on a blank sheet of paper… guarantee you’ll be blown away by the genius ideas you didn’t even know you had.


Do this exercise every few months to see what opportunities have presented themselves/what possibilities could be on the horizon.

When I started my site,, I could identify a handful of reasons why this might be a cool idea for me…

  1. I have a serious love for food and want to encourage other people to try new places/new foods.
  2. Perhaps someone (anyone??) will give me free food.
  3. Eating at new places is my version of travel.

BUT when I really sat down and thought about why I wanted this, I realized I actually have some pretty legit ambitions…

  1. I can create something productive out of something I love (perhaps I’ve found the meaning of life?).
  2. The Philly area is hungry for this type of content.  They literally eat it up.
  3. Local businesses would benefit from free publicity and, who knows, maybe they’ll promote my site as well.
  4. I’ll have the chance to connect with other food lovers in the area and maybe even find ways to collaborate with them.


Need more motivation to actually do this?  Hit me up on twitter @jjjaneane to chat it out.  And while you’re at it, follow our foodventures and get hungry @Phillyism.


Find out if you’re writing is actually interesting enough to make it happen with some quicks how-tos from me (someone who has been told by at least 3 people, including myself, that her writing is interesting).

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