Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

Every blogger basically needs 1 thing: audience. For new bloggers the work that must be done is very tough and most bloggers quit blogging after a few months or even weeks.  Just to give you some stats: 98% of new bloggers quit blogging within 1 year and 90% in only 6 months, staggering isn’t it?

They quit for different reasons: no time, no passion, lack of knowledge, no patience, no organic traffic from search engines etc… but the first thing to consider here is traffic. If bloggers can get more traffic and they see the audience increasing, they would be motivated and would continue to blog for sure.

Let’s explore some cool ways to increase blog traffic and audience:

1. Social presence: Of course every blogger is invited to create pages and profiles to the most important Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. You know… it requires times to update and check all of these but i highly suggest to get in touch with Social Media. Tip: you can use buffer to consolidate all your  Social accounts. Add social badges and buttons to your website.

2. Blog comments: blog commenting is an old fashioned way to attract visitors and engage users. The first rule to  understand is : don’t spam. Most blogs are WordPress-made and give you the way to add your website link as well. Tip: look for dofollow blogs that will pass pagerank, this way your PageRank will increase faster.

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3. SEO optimization: this is not a direct way to promote your posts but will give advantages later: optimize your  posts for SEO, add the right keywords, a great title and the right description. In other words: use the basic SEO techniques and Google will take care of you. don’t over-optimize, write naturally and most important: write awesome content to beat your competition.

4. Social bookmarking: you can submit your posts to the best social bookmarking platform like,,,,, etc… The key to understand here is again: don’t spam. Be part of the communities, share a lot, comment, give more than you get. Don’t share your posts only, just share everything valuable for the communities. Tip: you can use to submit to 50 social bookmarking sites.

5. Syndication: add your blog to the best syndication websites:,,,,,,,,, etc…

6. Guest posts: submit your content to blogs, guest posting is a great way to increase traffic and to create brand awareness. You can use to submit your content (or get content from writers if you want to accept guest posts).

7. Giveaways and contests: offer giveaways (or contests) to your readers and ask them to share it. You can ask them to subscribe to your email newsletter in order to participate or to share over twitter, facebook and more. this is a great way to increase your user base. Tip: you can use to keep track and randomize contests.

8. Forums: participate actively on forums related to your niche.  Comment and engage users. This is a good way to get traffic. Act like a pro and be recognized like a master. Add a signature (your blog link) to your site. Don’t spam of course.

9. Videos: create videos and add them to video sharing sites like YouTube. Add the right keywords and title and include a link to your website.

10. Post frequency: add content frequently. Having a blog and posting 1 article a month is useless. Add quality content on a weekly basis (or daily basis if you can). Users love fresh new content and they are willing to return, bookmark your site, subscribe to your email newsletter, RSS feed, Social network pages.

11. Newsletter: add a newsletter subscribe box. Add on the sidebar, at the end of the post (or both). Incentivize users to subscribe by offering free reports, white papers, Ebooks, tips. Build your list, this is one of the best way to drive traffic to your website. Emails are still one of the top ways of marketing campaigns.

12. Influencers: discover and establish a relationship, follow them, engage them, leave great and comprehensive comments on their blogs, ask them if they accept guest posts and contribute this way. This is another staggering thing you can do to increase your popularity and brand. Make interviews with them and/or ask questions, you can upload it to YouTube or write an interesting post.

13. Reviews: write comprehensive reviews about a product, a service or any other thing in your niche. Give users a way to rate them as well. When reviews are good and well written, they are will be shared over social networks and you will get comments from users demending for more info.

14. Connections: connect with other bloggers will improve and increase your network, cooperate with them, share some of their posts and ask them to share your ones. Reciprocal sharing is a great way for both parties to drive mutual traffic and grow up audiences.

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  • It’s good to see such a comprehensive list of promotion tactics all in one place. I’ve really overlooked some of these strategies, especially syndication and Youtube. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and not see much improvement in readership, so thanks for the tips!

  • After reorganization I’m working on preparing a new blog site along with a new website for my business. This information is concise and very helpful. Thanks for the tips.

  • I am new to blogging and have been looking around for information. The information I found here is very useful and gave me a starting point. It is very frustrating to figure out how to get started and the tips here are fantastic.

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