8 Tips to Follow for Running a Successful Blog

Twenty years ago, blogging was not as famous as it is today! People were unfamiliar with web browsing and search engines. Internet accessibility was limited and common people had no access to it. In the early 21st century, the use rapidly increased and a sudden shift was seen from print media to social media. Search engines, chatting software and different interacting forums were a real time treat for all. With the passage of time, blogging was no longer just for students, authors or freelance writers but corporate sectors also started making good use of it to promote their businesses.

Undoubtedly, blogging is a positive way to express yourself, your views or any insights that you feel need to be addressed in public. More than 35 million bloggers are currently blogging in United States of America; can you guess how many are blogging altogether across the globe? No matter what the count is, the most important thing is that very few are consistently read or followed by the fans. It is not that the bloggers are writing poorly, but the matter of fact is that the bloggers write about the same things, which gets very boring and monotonous for readers to prolong.

The most difficult part to begin with blogging is to dig some new things to write. Once you have jotted down the key points, it is very easy to proceed, as you already have dots to connect. There are a few tips to follow for running successful blog posts with interesting blog topics:

i. Select your area of expertise or knowledge: 8 Tips to Follow for Running a Successful Blog

Firstly, Judge your area of expertise and realize your own inclination or interests to write on. It is best advised to write things on which you can debate or you are fully aware of. Readers sometimes throw the ball in your court with a question and you must know how to answer it.

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ii. Stay Updated: 

Whatever your blog topic or title is, you need to keep yourself current on that news! Give something informative and new to stir interest in it. Remember, readers are smart and judgmental.

iii. Grab ‘Upcoming Events’ to write about

Regardless of what interest you hold, a blogger must address upcoming events to keep readers tuned in. There is a lot to write about festivities and other cultural events to stay connected with multi-cultural and multi lingual followers. With this, you will surely win some new followers as readers love versatility.

iv. Try to set Catchy titles:

Short and Catchy titles are the cherry on top! Readers continue reading your blog if you win at hooking hearts with titles. It is commonly believed, “Well begun is half done”. Relevant to your chosen topic, come up with a ‘sparky’ title to spur interest in readers.

v. Keep posting interesting or unusual pictures with a few lines as ‘tidbits’:  

If you are a consistent blogger and suddenly you are too busy to write a formal blog for your readers, just pick a random pic relevant to your ideology, theme or interest and give it a shot. People love pictorial blogs in the middle of the run!

vi. Must value your followers’ comments:

Be courteous to your followers and debate nicely on the points raised by the readers. They enjoy and feel pledged to get proper answers to their questions.

vii. Share your experiences:

Sharing your experiences is like knotting a tie with your beloved readers. You feel happy to share your feelings. They start knowing you better and thus the unfamiliar wall is demolished between you and your followers.

viii. Always state authentic facts:

Remember!  If you are talking over facts, then it is best to recheck those facts several times through different mediums. If you get wrong, your image and good will is at stake!

The tips given above can bring a real change in your blogging style and will help you choose interesting topics. To sum up, blogging is not as tough as it looks like. All you need to do is to design a nice piece to keep readers hooked up!

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