8 Must Read Blogs for Small Business Business Owners

Reading your blogs every day is like reading the newspaper used to be — it’s your source for information and events in the topics you’re most interested in — and you can tailor the content by choosing which blogs you follow. As a small business owner, you could do worse than subscribing to one or more of these classic business blogs:

  1. Seth’s Blog Seth Godin is this century’s marketing messiah, author of more than a dozen books on marketing and business. Over the years, his blog has become more zen and esoteric, but still provides regular insights and actionable ideas.
  2. The Content Strategist This is a meta-content blog that provides news, reviews and data about modern media, marketing and business methods. It focuses on the low-to-moderate price points of small businesses.
  3. Chris Brogan Brogan is a leader in social media thought, with ideas that are typically a step or two ahead of what the rank and file are up to. Whether it’s because he predicts trends or because he makes them, he seems to have a social media crystal ball.
  4. John Ellis If you ever suspected that SEO experts were just making stuff up, Ellis will restore your faith. A self-described “SEO geek,” John writes news and advice for tailoring your company’s website and blog for the best possible rankings.
  5. Small Business Trends A data-driven blog about small business performance, marketing and techniques. This is a welcome break from blogs that mostly spout author opinion with a little shallow analysis.
  6. Both Sides of the Table Written by an entrepreneur who now funds other entrepreneurs, Both Sides offers advice about funding companies and searching for funding. Sample topics include how much money is too much, understanding convertible debt, and the ethics of first offers to stockholders.
  7. Barry Moltz Sure, successful entrepreneurs are great sources of advice. But a better source might be a successful entrepreneur who used to be a failed entrepreneur. Moltz provides interviews, advice and first-hand experience to help your venture succeed.
  8. Damn I Wish I Thought of That Don’t let the irreverent title fool you, this marketing blog by Andy Sernovitz provides a host of promotion ideas the author wants you to use even though you didn’t think of them.

This is by no means a complete list of blogs worth reading. What are some of your favorites?

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