7 Useful WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

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More and more people have been using WordPress to run their sites. Aside from the ease of using this blogging system, the free plugins available for download help turn your site into something more than just a place to publish your content. The features offered by these plugins help increase traffic, connect with your social media channels, and strengthen online reputation, among many others.

As a business owner, one of your priorities must be to hunt down leads using your WordPress-powered site. The prospects you have gathered can be later converted into customers or brand advocates to increase sales. To set up your lead generation strategy, below are some of the most useful plugins you can download and use for free.

Contact Form 7
WordPress Download Monitor
Email Before Download

All three are required when running your list building campaign.  Create an e-book or white paper about a specific topic in your niche. Share a specific strategy that your audience will find useful and valuable to encourage them to download. An e-book about using social media for small businesses sound too generic. Instead, write how to gain thousands of followers on social media in five days. Be as compelling as possible with your e-book topics as long as you can back them up with the content of your e-book. Once you’re done, upload the file using the Download Monitor.

Set up a landing or splash page on your site where the file can be downloaded. With the Email Before Download plugin, let users fill up a form (using Contact Form 7) asking their contact details, in particular their name and e-mail address. Once they have submitted the accomplished form, the plugin will then e-mail users the link to download the file.

If you have captured enough e-mails, send out offers to your products and services. For users who downloaded your social media e-book or white paper, hold an e-mail campaign offering them your social media services.

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TIP: To avoid possible complaints and confusion, include a disclaimer on the page stating that the information they enter on the form will be used to send them marketing messages.

Scroll Triggered Box

For blogs looking to increase their RSS subscribers, newsletter sign ups, or traffic to a particular page on your site, you will need a notification bar or box that stands out on your home page. Both plugins are created to draw the attention of blog readers. The Scroll Triggered Box appears with an elegant slider animation once users have scrolled to the bottom of the page.  This is perfect for blogs that require a call to action after every post. The Viperbar shows on top of your site, calling the attention of users the second they visit your site.

TIP: Customize both plugins according to your site design to maximize conversion rates.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
Thank Me Later

User engagement can determine the success of your business. You interactions with them through your site can provide valuable feedback about your products and services and let you know what needs to be improved in your brand. Therefore, show users that you care about what they have to say. This will encourage them to return to your blog and become more engaged.

The Subscribe to Comments plugin lets them keep track of the comments they made and posts they haven’t commented on. The Thank Me Later plugin automatically sends users who have commented on your blog a custom e-mail.

TIP: Include a call to action at the end of your e-mail using the Thank Me Later plugin to make a more fulfilling connection with them.

Are there any other WordPress plugins not mentioned above that have helped you in your lead generation strategy? Share them by commenting below!

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