7 Ideas To Maximize Sharing Of Your Blog Post With Social Media

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  • I think that social media marketing is the biggest way to help but your blog post out there. You should already have all of the essential social media profiles to share the content that you write. You have to make sure that you share your posts anyway that you can, or else no one can find them. Once you have a post that you want to promote, make sure you get it out there on all of your social media platforms since there are some people who only have Facebook or Twitter, or possibly both.

  • So many useful tips here, Mike. Social media is a key component in gaining exposure for your blog, and the reverse is also true. I’d like to offer another tip to promote your blog post using social media. Guest blogging is an excellent strategy as it’s not just about your post, but about the sharing of your information.

    Too often, entrepreneurs post a blog and stop there, thinking that now the content is “out there” people will see it. Not true. Like any social media platforms, blogs need to be perpetuated. Each additional action will further your chances of someone reading your company’s insight. Submit your post to be featured as a guest blog on an outlet that aligns with your target audience. Guest blogging also helps share ideas in a reciprocal way. It is a tool to help distribute information on a wider scale.

    Featuring a prominent thought leader on your blog can help build your audience, as the blogger’s following will likely see their post on your blog. This works both ways. The host blog’s loyal followers will have the opportunity to read your views, grow interested in your ideas and ultimately become followers. – Lisa Tilt, President of Full Tilt Consulting (fulltiltconsulting.com)

  • Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing. As a writer, the needs for a blog are slightly different – one is pointing to another site for sales, say Amazon, but the requirements remain the same overall. Fresh content and renewal of content are key!

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