5 Tips To Improve Your Video Blog

Ah, video blogging. Who doesn’t love switching on their webcam and broadcasting their thoughts for the world to see?

As bandwidth has grown worldwide in the last few years, so has video blogging. However, a good vlog is about more than feeding that little voice inside yourself that wants to see you on TV. It’s a communications tool, one which is great at getting a lot of information across to people in a short amount of time. Plus, people tend to believe video more readily than text, and they’re also more likely to share it online.video blog

Honestly,  there are a lot of bad video blogs. You want to have a vlog that stands out and makes you popular with all the cool kids on social media. You don’t want to be that guy doing frozen pizza reviews, do you?

So, how can you make your video blog stand out among all the YouTube wannabes? Here are a few tips!

  • Fix that hair! Ok, it’s a vlog. You’re not expected to have cable news-level makeup on. But if you want to be taken seriously, presentation still matters somewhat. Comb your hair. Wear a nice hat if you’re hair-challenged. Shave. Try to wear at least a decent business casual outfit, if you’re talking shop. You can have the “cred” of a low-rent vlog without looking sloppy, and it’ll make you more believable as well.
  • Edit out mistakes: Everyone’s going to mess up on camera from time to time. Don’t leave it in your video unless you play off it in some spectacular way. There’s no shame in editing, so edit around the mistake or rerecord it. Or, if you accumulate enough flubs, maybe you could stick a bloopers reel on at the end to show your lighter side. Hey, lemons into lemonade, right?
  • Make your video multitask: Let’s say you just found out about an awesome new process that you think will make your business better, but when you try to blog about it, you’re having to spend a thousand words just describing the tech itself. Create a video blog about the tech, make it stand alone, and publish it to your usual channels. Then write a blog around it that expands on the message and shows how it can apply to your business. The video can speak for itself, as well as guiding people to your blog for more in-depth information.
  • Use interactive elements: Let’s be honest: if you put a button in front of most web monkeys, they’ll interactive applicationsprobably push it. If you keep people’s button-finger tapping, they’ll stick around for hours – just look at Facebook games. Adding interactive applications make your video blogs more appealing and keeps people watching. In short, it gives them shiny things to click on so they won’t get distracted and click on someone else’s shiny things instead. (And, really, isn’t that Internet marketing in a nutshell?)
  • Write first, then talk: Very few people are truly gifted extemporaneous speakers, even if we like to imagine we are. Most public speakers who seem the most fluid and conversational are actually among the most practiced. Before you record your blog, write out everything beforehand. You don’t need a teleprompter or to read it word-for-word from the page, but it’ll let you organize your thoughts and see how your vlog will flow before you commit yourself to recording.

In your future vlogging endeavors, just remember that, like we said above, video blogging is still all about communication. Anything you can do to make your message more memorable, interesting, or sharable is going to help you get more clicks and more people checking out your site.

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