5 Tips for Writing More Content in Less Time

As a prolific blogger, I’m always keen to find interesting ways to improve my productivity and find more hours in the day to write blog posts. Here are five of my favourite ways to get more done in the same amount of time.

1.    Improve your typing speed
When I was a kid my father insisted on me beating his score on a program called Mavis Beacon, which was a speed-typing training tool. While I don’t think I ever topped his score, it did turn me into an extremely fast typer.

Practice your typing speed on similar speed-typing tools, and get a comfy keyboard with well-spaced keys (or a good Bluetooth keyboard case if you blog from an iPad).

2. Use white room / dark room
I am currently writing this blog post on a tool called white room, which is a full-screen writing environment for Mac that disables all distractions (you can use DarkRoom on a PC). If I could pinpoint one single thing that has improved my writing efficiency, it’s this. By eliminating all distractions, you’d be surprised at just how much easier it is to keep going. I sometimes also have a kitchen timer set to 30 minutes, so that I write for 30 minutes straight in whiteroom without any breaks. It’s intense, but effective!

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3. Outsource it
I run quite a few web projects, so it’s not always feasible for me to write a constant stream of content for all of them, but I recognise the importance of doing so. To compensate for this, and to produce content for sites that I am not especially authoritative on I sometimes outsource content using a service like Text Broker.

4. Join the 6am club
If I know I’ve got a lot of writing to do, I’ll often wake up at 5am – 6am and get it out of the way before 9am. The beauty of doing this is that your biggest distraction (other people) are still asleep, so there’s no phone calls and no emails to break your flow. I’m also a morning person, so this is when I naturally get the most done anyway.

5. Get into a habit
It’s hardest to write lots of content when you’re out of practice. I try to make it a habit of writing at least 750 words of content daily, just to keep into the flow. This used to take me at least 45 minutes, now I can get it done in 15-20 minutes. Create a habit of writing a minimum threshold of words per day and stick to it.

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