5 Tips For Using Blogs In Your Social Media Campaign

Blogs are frequently used as a go-to way of getting advice, learning something new, or simply browsing for products. Businesses that develop and implement an effective blog marketing campaign can effectively use blogs as part of their social media marketing strategy.  Here are just a few tips to help you develop your blogging strategy:

Internet blog reader concept1. Build relationships and links

Not only is link building good for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, but getting your website on different blogs extends your reach to different communities and hubs. Local bloggers, whether they’re another nearby business or a one-blogger show, can help attract more attention to your company and can help increase your own website or blog visitors.  Establish a relationship with a network of social media influences who are willing to share your blog posts with their community.  This relationship, if nurtured and maintained, will help you build inbound links through social networks.

2. Mind your manners

Once you start receiving inbound traffic from social networks, it shouldn’t take you more than two days to respond to a blog comment. Whether fans are asking a question regarding a service or product or are simply giving positive feedback, they want fast responses that provide valuable information or tells them how to solve a problem.  If you fail to respond to comments generated from social networks, you will lose the opportunity to capitalize on the relationships you have built with your social media influencers.

3. Share other people’s blog posts

Share blog posts written by other bloggers on your social network websites.  Sharing relevant blog posts written by others will position you as a go-to resource in your industry.

4. Remember giveaways

Post giveaways – yours and those initiated by your network of social media influences – on your blog.  This effort will show your partners that you are willing to scratch their back.   Eventually, your partners will scratch your back as well.

 5. Provide relevant and engaging content  

No one wants to jump on a blog only to find posts that are filled with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and, worse, dull content. Take your time to develop high-quality blog posts that encourage users to leave comments and share your blog posts on their social network.  Remember to implement video blogging and podcasts as part of your blog’s content strategy.

Blogging is a big part of many social media campaigns for a good reason.  A well-written and regularly updated blog will help your business gain an active community of members who are interested in your industry, brand and product or service.   Remember, before you get started with your blogging campaign: make sure you have the time to commit to posting regularly and engaging with your blog’s readers.

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