5 Things People Absolutely Hate About Your Business Blog

Have you ever wanted to share a blog post on Twitter but couldn’t find share buttons? Or maybe you wanted to subscribe by email but couldn’t find the proper sign up form? These days, more and more people are penning blogs for business development and marketing purposes, and I think that is great, but a few critical mistakes can send readers screaming for the hills never to come back.

I know you work hard to create fresh content on a regular basis. Why not make that content work for you? A few tweaks here and there can definitely help out.

Here are 5 things people hate about your business blog

1. Not including social sharing buttons on each blog post. This is my number one biggest pet peeve when it comes to blogs. I love to share content (as you can tell by my Twitter account) and in a world where time equals money and the average attention span is 2.1 seconds, you need to make it as easy as possible to share your content. If I want to share your post on Facebook and Twitter but can’t find a sharing button, I won’t do it. There are tons of options when it comes to sharing buttons – AddThis is one of my favorites.

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2. No email subscription form. People still love to subscribe to blogs by email. I didn’t think it’s true but it is. Use something like FeedBurner to set up a subscribe by email function on your blog. Trust me, your readers will thank you.

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3. No subscribe by RSS function. More and more people read their blogs via an RSS reader. You need to make sure that your blog has an RSS subscribe function to make it as easy as possible. Again, you can look to FeedBurner to set up this functionality. Thankfully Google Chrome has a neat plugin that allows me to subscribe via RSS even if I can’t find the subscribe button but not everyone has that.

4. No Commenting allowed. Social media is called “social for a reason. It’s all about two-way conversation. The neat part of starting a business blog is interacting with your readers that most likely include potential clients and referral sources. If you don’t allow commenting your shutting the door to engagement. You can always adjust your commenting settings to require comment approval if you wish.

5. Crazy formatting. Remember those old school blogs that were full of ads and blinking banners? It was a chore to find what you were looking for. Don’t make it hard to read your content. It’s easy to read small blocks of content in black font on a white background. Think Apple – simple and lots of white space. You can definitely have ads and pictures but format them tastefully.

What drives you crazy about business blogs? Let me know in the comments below as I leave hearing from you!

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