5 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Attracting Inbound Links

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  • Great piece Jasmine. You made some really good points I have not thought about much. Still trying to improve on my blog. Check it out at frommtaxes.wordpress.com if you ever get a chance. It takes a lot of work and dedication along with my website too.

  • Thanks for the kind words, Steven! I just took a moment to look at your blog and I subscribed! I’m always excited to connect with other biz bloggers who are covering “tough” topics. In my opinion, things like taxes and mortgages aren’t quite as easy to spin into interesting content! I’m looking forward to reading your work over time.

  • jessita herriott says:

    Thanks for the tips. i have picked up a few useful pointers from this post. Before now, I wasn’t using inbound links.

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