5 Common Business Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Is your team spending a lot of time on your business blog, but getting little in the way of real returns? Do they invest hours in writing and editing posts, only to see important web analytics remain flat (or worse, in a state of decline)?5 Common Business Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them image pr firm

Is your boss beginning to question the investment your team is making in blogging?

If the answers are yes, I have good news.

It is not too late to turn that blog around and transform it from an ugly duckling into an attractive swan helping you meet essential business objectives.

Here are 5 common business blogging mistakes many companies make, along with solutions for fixing them.

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Business blogging mistake #1: Content Is Off-Topic

If your blog lacks a unifying theme, the business results attributable to your blog will suffer. Readers may come to your blog once or twice, but will stop returning when they do not see the content they’re expecting.

This mistake is an easy one to fix.

Simply spend some time deciding on the focus for your blog:

  • What are you trying to accomplish with a blog?
  • Can you define your focus by considering the keywords that describe your industry and your company?
  • Are there specific industry topics where you can share expertise?
  • What does your audience want?
  • What questions do they have that will lead them to your blog?

Business blogging mistake #2: Blog Titles Aren’t Brilliant

A blog title has an incredible impact on a post’s performance. In fact, it’s usually the difference between attracting a few views versus hitting a homerun.

The reason is simple: the title is usually the first impression a reader has of your content, often through a link on social media. If the title intrigues them, the likelihood they will click on that link increases. If your title is boring, people will think the content is boring too, and won’t bother to visit.

Writing great blog titles is almost an art form, but with practice everyone can improve. Here are 3 tips to help you write consistently exceptional blog titles:

Make it actionable

Improve your blog titles by demonstrating your reader will receive action-oriented takeaways by reading your post. Consider this title from ProBlogger: 5 tips to writing irresistibly clickable blog titles. It’s a far better title, and one that will get more traction, than: Writing a Post Title: Top 5 Tips on How To Write A Post Title That is Clickable.

Keep it brief

No matter what you are writing, it is always best to be concise and to the point. And brevity is even more critical when writing a blog title. Punchy blog titles are more shareable than long ones that often sound complicated and quickly lose a reader’s interest.

Be definitive

You’re an authority in your field, right? Using strong and definitive language in your post titles helps convey your expertise. If you’re not confident in your writing, then others won’t be either.

Business blogging mistake #3: It’s Too Much About You

Think of your blog as a pseudo online cocktail party. When you host a party, then talk too much about yourself when guests arrive, they will perceive you as very, very boring. The next time you throw a party, they will almost definitely find an excuse not to attend.

Same goes for your company blog.

Some businesses mistakenly use their blog as one long sales pitch. Every post focuses on their products or services and they actually write very little content with the reader in mind. If you use your blog to talk about how great you are, or the awards you have won, it is very unlikely that anyone will want to consistently read that information, let alone share it with others.

Try to add value to your reader’s experience. Provide them with content that is educational or informative about your industry. Give them something useful to share with their social network.

Business blogging mistake #4: Neglecting Social Media Promotion

Best-selling author and social media brand consultant Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Social Media = Business. Period.”

And he is right.

If you are not using social media to promote your posts then you are missing a big opportunity to attract more readers, more subscribers and potentially more customers.

In addition, encourage your readers to share your content and become evangelists for your business. Make it easy for them by ensuring your blog includes social sharing buttons.

Business blogging mistake #5: Expecting Overnight Success

Rome was not built in a day—and neither was a successful business blog.

If your company just started a blog and you are not seeing any significant results, don’t give up yet. It takes time, effort and commitment to build an audience and reap the SEO benefits of a business blog.

Spend the time to fix the mistakes mentioned in this post and make the necessary adjustments to your blog. You will be well on your way to creating a popular blog, establishing your business as a leader in its field, generating more leads, and attracting more customers.

If you need help with improving your business blog, download our new eBook, The Fundamentals of Business Blogging, or contact us.

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