4 Search Engine Optimization Benefits of Blogging

SEO Secret SauceAre you in search of the SEO secret sauce? The one tool, strategy, or software package that will make all of the difference to your search engine rankings and website traffic? Well . . .

. . . sorry . . . it doesn’t exist. SEO TAKES TIME and HARD WORK – have you learned nothing!?! : )

However . . . if I had to recommend one tool to rule them all, it would definitely be blogging.

4 Ways Blogging Helps Your SEO

1. More Indexed Pages: The search engines treat every blog post as another web page. More “web pages” mean that you can optimize and be found for a wider range of keywords, thus expanding your search engine reach.

Even if your articles aren’t well optimized, as long as you write high quality, industry relevant content, you’re sure to stumble across both broad and long tail keywords that will be found and turn up on the search engine results pages.

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2. Link Building: Back links are still the fuel for search engine ranking. However, it has become more important than ever that those back links are high quality, and naturally occurring.

The regular production of high quality content allows more opportunities for other sites to find and link to your website. Those links act as an endorsement of your company, service, or product.

3. Social Sharing: Social signals are playing an increasingly influential role in search engine results. Blog articles offer fresh, original content that can be shared, endorsed and commented on in the social sphere.

4. Fresh Content: the search engines like fresh content, and rewards companies that deliver it. Most content, over time, starts to suffer “decay” in the eyes of the search engines. Regular blogging encourages the search engines to crawl your site more frequently, and helps to keep your important keywords and phrases front and center.

Although blogging requires a huge commitment in resources, the benefits make it one of the most beneficial internet marketing tools available – one that should be strongly considered by every business owner, in every industry.

If you blog, what impact has blogging had on your search engine rankings and website traffic? If not, what’s holding you back?

Thanks for reading. As always, your comments and questions are both welcome and appreciated.

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  • Even outside of SEO, there are so many benefits to blogging. Since I started blogging in 2007 it’s completely changed my life and the way I do business online. Great article!

  • Thanks Zac,
    I completely agree with the benefits – they go far beyond SEO for sure! Thanks for reading.

  • Exactly, frequent blogging is a quite way that promotes SEO on top. This is the common strategy of every business to level up their reputation in the world of searching. Good point that you mentioned 4 of those great ingredients :)

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