3 Secret Methods That Will Get Tons Of People Visiting Your Blog

The one thing that every blogger wants is traffic. Visitors can interact on a blog, share a post, buy a product, or look at your blog posts for a long time. The blogger’s dream is to get as many visitors as possible. There are many known methods of getting more blog traffic, but there are other methods of getting blog traffic that less people know about. These are some of the methods of dramatically increasing traffic that you probably don’t know about.

Leave Comments On Other People’s YouTube Videos

Most people with blogs leave a comment on other people’s blogs to get more traffic. However, leaving comments on other people’s YouTube videos is effective as well. YouTube offers a wide variety of videos, and there are going to be videos about your niche. Whether you blog about sports or the latest fashion, there is always going to be a YouTube video fit for your niche. YouTube gets over 1 billion visitors every month that are distributed throughout the entire site. Some of those visitors will be able to see your comment. If you post more comments on more videos, more people will be able to see one of your comments. At the end of your comment, you can include a link to your blog to get more traffic. The better method is to already have your own YouTube channel when you comment. When someone clicks on your name, they will be brought to your YouTube channel. On your YouTube channel, you can have a link to your blog and videos relating to your niche.

Answer Questions On Yahoo

There will always be someone in your niche who has a question. You can be the person who answers the question. You can create an account on Yahoo, write your own short bio, and answer other people’s questions relating to your niche. When people click on your name, they will be redirected to your bio, and if you include a link to your blog in your bio, you will get more visitors. There are a lot of people looking up answers to questions on Yahoo and Google. Yahoo answers has a good rank on Google and usually appears on Page 1 for Google search results.

Write A Series Of Blog Posts

Most people with blogs are not utilizing the opportunity they have with their best blog posts. J. K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series. If she stopped at one book and one movie, she might not be as renowned as she is now. If you see one of your blog posts get hundreds of extra visitors compared to your other posts, visitors really enjoyed reading the content of your most popular post. A week later, you should write a Part 2 for that blog post. Continue with the series on your blog because that series will start to get a lot of attention. If people first looked at Part 2, most of them would also want to see your blog posts for Parts 1 and 2. If something works, then stick with it.

These are 3 secret methods that will result in more traffic going to your blog. I have utilized these method, and I can say that all three of these methods of increasing blog traffic are very powerful. If you are struggling to get blog traffic through the common methods, use these methods to boost your blog traffic.

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