3 Debilitating Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

As a blogger, some mistakes you make will go unnoticed. Your audience simply doesn’t care as long as they’re getting value from your blog and these mistakes themselves are so weak that they can have no real impact on your online business.

However, there are some blogging mistakes that are so powerful, so… debilitating that they’ll make your blogging business as weak as a day old infant; unfortunately, unlike a large majority of day old infants, there really very many people online ready to guide your every actions until your business can stand strong.

Funny enough, some of these mistakes are being made by a lot of bloggers without them being aware of it; if you want your blogging business to stand, avoid these mistakes like a plague.

1. Your Site is Irritatingly Slow

You might have gotten used to it at this stage that you no longer notice but no matter how fast you think your site is, it’s important to cross-check your site speed with these tools:

Also, if possible get a friend and some of your fans to give you personal feedback on how fast your site is.

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While there are a lot of evident dangers to having a slow website and you’re most certainly going to abandon a slow website yourself, there have been numerous studies to back up the dangerous effect of a slow website.

According to data from Econsultancy 67 percent of online shoppers abandon a website, when it comes to making purchases online, just because it is slow.

Also, another source has revealed that slow online websites alone cost the US economy over $504 billion in 2011.

There are various data that prove the dangerous impact slow websites can have on users, even when they want to purchase their favorite products, much less when they’re reading a blog.

For each second your website is slow, you’re losing potential readers; even if your website is fast, you can still take active measures to speed up your website.

For example, some of the things you can do are:

  • Get a new host; instead of relying just on any shared hosting company you can get in touch with, look for something more specialized. If you use WordPress, it’s important you go for a WordPress setup.
  • Choose a new theme; your theme can contribute significantly to how fast your website is so make sure you’re careful about your choice.
  • Use a caching plugin; plugins like W3 Total cache or W3 Super cache are powerful caching plugins that will help reduce resources your website use and as a result make it faster.

There are obviously a lot more things you can do, but the above should be good for the time being.

2. You Don’t Have an Income System in Place

Why are you blogging? How do you plan to generate income from your blog?

“I don’t want to sell out!”

“I love providing free value!”

“I don’t need the revenue now!”

Unless you blog as a hobby and only once in a blue moon – at which point you can’t really be classified as a “blogger” – then the above are just what they are, excuses; formed to prevent you from seeing the real thing.

Of course, it’s very natural to switch to one of these defense mechanisms when you can’t generate income from your blog but that doesn’t make them any valid.

Think about it, if you can’t really generate income from your blog after a year or two of running it then is it really worth it? Gradually, you’ll begin to catch up to reality and your passion for your blog will slowly start to die.

However, if you’re making money from your blog it’s easy to focus on what really matters since you know the income from your blog will take care of your needs; you don’t have to worry about paying your bills or not having enough time because income from your blog will take care of it.

You can even dedicate enough time to get good hosting, hire a custom designer and invest into other areas of your blog that will allow you to serve your readers best.

3. You Don’t Have a Good Content Strategy

Of course, everyone is talking about content out there today so you probably expected this to come out.

Content is the rage these days and for good reasons; without good content, your blog is as good as dead.

Unfortunately, the kind of content most blogs rely on today just doesn’t cut it.

If your blog is known to capitalize on latest trends, publish list posts for the point of gaining some social media traction or doing what everybody else is doing to increase traffic and page views, then you’re doing it wrong.

Of course, those kinds of posts are important because you need traffic to your blog NOW. However, you should ask yourself this very important question: “If I don’t touch my blog for 30 days, will I be just fine?”

If you can’t leave your blog without making an update for 30 days because you’re afraid that traffic or income would tank, then you need to make some change. For me, I’m sure traffic will keep increasing even if I don’t touch my blog for a month; I’ve done it before, and this is because of a carefully-planned content strategy.

Focus on writing “pillar articles” that will keep getting traffic for years to come and you would never have to worry about traffic or revenue for your blog.

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  • Dita says:

    Hi Paul,

    enjoyed reading your article. With respect to the speed of a blog, search engines and particularly Google, analyze the speed of a site. If the site is too slow it will affect its rankings.

    With respect to the income strategies, I see so many blogs that have been in existence for some time and they do not even have an opt-in box on their site. Having an opt-in on the blog helps bloggers grow their email lists and if the subscribers are nurtured they can prove to be valuable customers.

    Thanks for sharing,


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