10 Commandments Of Blogging For Small Business

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  • Michael Butt says:

    This is a great article – you lay it out nicely and have well-defined tips.
    If I may point out that you should use the word “Thy” where you would use the word “your”, then it reads accurately. Using “Thou” for both “you” and “your” causes the article to lose its appeal and integrity; which would be a shame.
    Otherwise, I enjoyed it and found it to be informative.

    • Hi Michael thanks for reading! Also thank you for the the lesson about “thou” and “thy”. I have to admit that I am not well versed in old English and the grammatical foundation. Thanks again :)

    • Adding my $0.02. Also.., VIIII should be IX. You add a maximum of 3, then you start subtracting from the next big denominator. Kudos for the post though.., very well put together. A keeper!

    • Thanks Roger for your $0.02 :) and you are absolutely right! I forgot that it should be IX thanks for the refresher :) Minus the minor errors I’m glad that you find the post to be a keeper! My focus was to supply great content, so I’m glad that I was able to achieve that :) When I re-purpose this post in the future I’ll be sure to get the numbers right and the “thy”/”thou” issue that has been brought to my attention. Thanks again for your input.

  • Great tips Ashley! When it comes to providing quality blog content and keeping readers’ interest, I would make one more suggestion – use video! Not only embed videos within your posts, but now bloggers can completely revolutionize their blogs. Let readers comment by posting user-generated videos – this will keep their interest and give your blog a whole lot of life!

    • John,
      You are right video is extremely important and a great way to pique readers’ interest while keeping them on your blog for even longer time (great for SEO). I never thought about the benefits of allowing readers comment by posting user-generated videos. Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading :)

  • Whoever said that blogging is dead should have read your post. Like you, I believe that your blog is the best way you can connect with your target audience and bring them in the conversation – a nice relationship building tool. Love the 10 commandments you wrote here and thanks for sharing. I guess, we all struggle with consistency and it’s the greatest challenge every blogger has to face, because creative rut is a reality.

  • Hi Shaleen,
    Thanks for reading and thank you for your kind words. Glad that you like the 10 Commandments. Any small business owner that struggles with blogging consistency should hire a professional writer/blogger to assist them (like myself) *shameless plug…lol* Blogging is essential. :)

  • Hi Ashley.., again my complements on the list.., or the 10 Commandments.
    Indeed, adding video to the mix my help.., also.., YouTube get’s indexed very well too and is the second largest search engine.
    Although I have never seen a video response on a blogpost, on YouTube yes, on a blog no…

    • Hi Rogier,
      Thanks for thoroughly reading my post and leaving 2 great comments :) You are right about video that will definitely help the blogging process (and images as well). I blog with Tumblr and they do actually allow video responses on their blogging platform; however I must admit that I always disable this feature before publishing. Now that you guys have given me more incite on it’s benefits, I will probably allow this going forward. Thanks :)

  • If there is any chance of finding a lost tablet somewhere I would also add “Thou Shalt Have Faith.” The hardest part about starting a blog are the weeks or months that you are writing and few people are reading. That point where you wonder whether you should give up or try one more article. You need to see the outcome crystal clear and be confident that you are heading in the right direction and keep plowing ahead. If you write it, they will read…eventually…assuming it’s outstanding!

    • Marc,
      YES! I agree, thou shalt have faith is #1, and this applies to business too. Like you mentioned there are slow periods unless you have a large following on a social network. The key is to share your post across social networks and syndicate your posts with blogs and/or sites that cater to your niche. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  • This is a very informative blog post not just for small business but for bloggers as well. Nice read :)

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