10 Blog Commenting Tips to Build Brand Awareness and Generate Traffic

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Commenting is a great way to build brand awareness, generate traffic and boost credibility, especially during the early days of your blog. It is also a great way to get to know people in your niche and for people to get to know you.

You might think this method of self-promotion is a little spammy, but as long as you go about it with respect for the blog you’re commenting on, it is perfectly acceptable.

The ultimate aim is to have your comment approved by site owners, with perhaps one eye on the chance of developing a working relationship that may be mutually beneficial in the future. As long as you follow a few simple ‘rules’, refrain from swearing and add to the conversation, you can’t really go wrong.

Don’t be rude

People are quite rightly precious about their blogs. They work hard on them. They spend hours putting together blog posts and don’t like spammers coming along and taking advantage of their hard work. Be aware of this when you are looking for blog posts to comment on and act as you would if you were in a stranger’s home; with respect and courtesy.

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Three generalities:

  • Be friendly, polite and add to the conversation and your comments generally get approved and published
  • Be argumentative and state the case for the opposition and your comments will (probably) be accepted too (everyone likes a debate)
  • Be rude, aggressive and spammy and your comments will (probably) get deleted before they see the light of day

Here are the 10 main tips to help you make the most of commenting on other blogs.

1. Read before commenting

Sounds like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised by the amount of people who don’t do this, or at least appear not to do it because the comment is totally off-topic or too generalised. If you haven’t got the time to read a full post, at least skim through it so you get the gist.

2. Say something interesting

When you comment on a blog you are promoting yourself, your blog and your brand. People read comments; they are not ignored. Grab their attention by saying something more than “great post”. Try adding another point-of-view or pulling an anecdote from your own experiences.

3. Use your real name and not keywords

This is a funny one. Some blog owners don’t mind keywords in a signature, whilst others loathe it. For the most part, I tend to fall on the don’t mind side. But I don’t do it when I am commenting on other blogs. It just seems too rude and as if I am only there to generate a link back to my blog. If you are not sure, see what others are doing or err on the side of caution and use your name.

5. Sell yourself

Recognition in your niche is important, therefore, what you say and how you present yourself when commenting is also important. Use every one of your comments to sell yourself in an attraction marketing kind of way.

6. Don’t add links to your comment

If you include a link in your comment that doesn’t add value to the post or is self promoting it could be seen by the blog owner as disrespectful. Some remove the link and approve the comment, others don’t publish the comment at all Again, see what others are doing and err on the side of caution if you are not sure what to do.

7. A pat on the back

Everyone likes to receive comments. It is encouraging for the blog owner to know that people are reading what they are publishing and getting something from it.

8. Open doors

You may never know who reads your comments. Sharing your knowledge and experience could lead to long-term friendships and profitable business relationships.

9. Speak your mind

Don’t feel as though you should only ever compliment another blogger, especially if you disagree with him/her. If you disagree, say so.

10. A link and traffic?

Most blogs turn a signature into a link. Many of these links will not pass link juice or directly boost search engine rankings as they have the NOFOLLOW attribute attached, but if you make comments that interest people or offer value in other ways, you are likely to get traffic to your blog as people want to see what else you have to say.

Don’t waffle

Short and concise comments work best. Unless the post requires a lengthy response.

I hope this information gives you some ideas on how to promote your blog by commenting on other blogs. It is a great way to get yourself known and to generate traffic.

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  • Qnary says:

    When commenting on a blog, always try to add something to the article or conversation. Don’t just summarize what the article already says, it will show that you’re only commenting for the sake of commenting.

    • I agree Qnary. But isn’t it funny that there are still people restating the obvious? You’ll also see spam comments approved by the blog owner; it’s important to moderate comments rather than set them to auto approve. For me I prefer to regulate comments that aren’t keyword-targeted. For example, Tell something about your opinion, and if you have a similar post, you can add “If you want to know more, visit the website!” Lastly, give credits or some love by saying, thanks!

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