10 B2B Blogging Ideas For When You Need a Boost

Come on, be honest.  You can agree that the following scenario happens to all of us at one time or another – or probably more than one time – as bloggers.  Your brain and the keyboard just can’t seem to connect.  Deadline or not, you are incapable of making it happen the way you want.  The harder you try, the more frustrated you become.  Then, you just give up for a while and move over to look at all the pretty pictures on Pinterest.  Oh, wait – that’s what happens to me!  B2B blogging admittedly comes with its own unique challenges.  Let’s face it, the solutions and offerings are just not very “sexy” in the B2B world.  That doesn’t mean B2B blogging isn’t necessary – it’s quite the opposite actually.  B2B content is increasingly being considered as a useful way to drive traffic to company websites.  Among the challenges found in B2B blogging is coming up with fresh ideas and subsequent content that will make your company’s messages appealing and engaging to your audience.

So, what is a B2B blogger in a bind to do?  This is a list I have put together with 10 B2B blogging ideas.  My list is by no means inclusive or in any sort of order of importance.  I’ve decided to put it together because sometimes we could all use a boost.

1.  Lists

My personal favorite, in case you couldn’t tell.  There are so many ways to use lists for B2B blogging.  Lists have a double benefit in that they are not only rather easy to put together, but they also can drive home some key points to your audience in a feasible, simple-to-digest format.

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2.  “How To”

This is good idea for bloggers who may have specific knowledge pertaining to a topic within their specific industries or specialties.  It provides them the opportunity to share and educate their readers.

3.  Industry News

Current events within your industry is probably among the lowest of the “low-hanging fruit” for fresh content.  An added benefit in using news as content can be that it can provide your audience with a certain confidence that your business is up-to-date with the latest happenings.

4.  Images and/or Videos as Content

We’ve all heard the expression by now that a picture is worth a thousand words.  If you’re a B2B blogger in need of a boost, you can find any number of opportunities to put that expression to the test.  Pinterest and YouTube are ripe with useful options.

5.  Case Studies

Has your business accomplished a “win” recently?  This type of post in your company blog will provide a bit of advertising as well as showcase the solutions that have been helpful and successful to other businesses.

6.  Community Involvement

Does your company get involved in volunteer activities within its community?  Posts that cover events where a company’s employees have spent time and/or financial gifts for charitable purposes often strike positive chords with its audience.  They can see them as more human and caring.

7.  Guest Blogs

B2B is diverse.  Sometimes it helps to have posts from people with different points of view – or even entirely different types of marketing philosophies – than your company.  The results can provide a certain balance and even synergy within your company’s current B2B blogging style.

8.  Editorializing 

It is common practice for bloggers to comment on one another’s posts.  Using this idea and taking it a step beyond can create a brand new post.  An editorial, if you will, to a similar post in your industry can be entertaining to your audience.  Just don’t forget to reference the original in your post.

9.  Results from Crowdsourcing

Have you have noticed certain trends within your B2B social media communities and blogs?  Running polls or asking open-ended questions about them in your communities can be excellent sources of blog fodder.  The results may answer your questions, as well as those of your audience.

10. Story-telling

I mentioned earlier that B2B topics may not be “sexy,” but they don’t have to be boring either. Sometimes just putting certain details into words your own way, with your own personality, can go a long way with your audience.  Everyone likes a good story that appeals to them on some level.

I would love to hear which B2B blogging – or any other blogging ideas – that have worked best for you when you’re in a bind.

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  • Industry news is definitely something I find handy and can help avoid topics becoming ‘dry’ and boring. Sometimes a blog based on an industry update can then branch of into a couple of separate blogs.

  • Thanks Jennifer, great post. Don’t forget about blogs that list straight up stats or an infographic :)

  • To run a successful blog, you need to produce and post valuable, new material on a regular basis. And, you must continue updating on a consistent basis. But getting new content can sometimes seem tough. There are many excellent blogs which are now lying rather dormant. They started out right, but are now being ignored by past readers because they do not have enough new material. You obviously don’t want to end up like that.

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