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If anything, competition is tough in lead generation. Come to think of it, there are just too many of you in the same business that you are probably having a hard time to stand out. Now this is where creativity enters the picture. You see, the secret to a successful process of generating qualified sales leads is not about the money, the people hired, or even the market you wish to penetrate. It is with how your creatively find solutions to the challenges presented before you. For example, if you want to stand out in your telemarketing campaign, then you should try to do more, experiment more. And you can do that by fostering a culture of creativity. Now, how do you start being creative?

1. Be curious – creativity is something that comes from discovering new things about you and the things around you. Asking ‘what’ why’ ‘why not’ questions can help guide you towards your goals. Try challenging accepted conventions on appointment setting. The business climate changes rapidly, and being sensitive on the things around you is important.

2. Be brave – since you have to challenge conventions, you need to be a little bit gutsy. There will be resistance from all sides, either your own marketing team or your B2B leads prospects. Being willing to face criticisms, or the possibility of failure, is a mark of creative courage.

3. Be ready to challenge – you see, when it comes to conventions and legacy processes that you would usually see in a B2B lead generation campaign. Sure, these may have worked well with your business in the past, but a little brainstorming might tell you that it is time to change things. And it will be good for your business.

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4. Be a minimalist – when you want to improve your appointment setting process, it is not about spending a lot on the latest business solutions. Sometimes, shedding off a few additional tools or processes may actually help you work better. It may be possible that your processes may be too redundant at this point. Besides, you can save on costs better this way.

5. Be game-changer – creativity is being able to challenge accepted conventions. It is in believing that you can do better than what the current marketing processes can achieve. Overturning conventions, pushing boundaries, as well as seeking out-of-the box solutions, are good ways to foster creativity in your workplace.

Success in lead generation is not really an expensive or time-consuming activityIt is all about being creative and resourceful. A lot of the biggest names in business today started out small. The only thing that made them succeed is through the use of their creative powers. You can be like that too. You only have to believe, to be sensitive, and be determined to push things through. Take a leap of faith in your abilities and in your marketing team’s ability. In the end, this will be your success in generating all the qualified sales leads that you need.

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  • Valerie says:

    Great tips and reminders about being nimble with your campaigns to improve lead generation. A marketing automation & lead management platform like Lead Liaison’s Revenue Generation Software ( can help companies quickly see the results and effectiveness of campaigns and as you suggest in tip #1, you can evaluate the why or why not a particular campaign is bringing results.

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