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Rules for Professionalism in the B2B Social Media World

Since social media is such an integral part of our culture these days, your B2B brand should be taking advantage of its ability to reach the masses. One of the things everybody loves about social media is the more relaxed vibe it conveys relative to more traditional communication mediums.

Social can be fun, but don’t get carried away and let your professionalism fall by the wayside because of social’s informality. Although your marketing team can use casual communication to their advantage, any business-to-business brand should still always be mindful of a few rules that will help keep everything professional. After all, you are speaking directly with businesses.

1.       Never Use Profanity

This should go without saying, but social has made it more acceptable to use profanity in recent years. It’s not something a reputable company wants connected to their brand. Customers are all very different, and profanity is still a major turn off to many people. Profanity will undoubtedly alienate some, and won’t do anything much attract new clients. Using profanity often can come across as juvenile and irresponsible and may tell potential clients your business doesn’t have great judgement.

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2.       Stay on Message

Your audience is following you for a specific reason: to gain information and insights about your business and/or industry. The followers of your business related social media accounts do not want to hear about political opinions or pop culture. Share plenty of information that is relevant to potential and current clients but stay away from anything totally unrelated. You don’t want to flood your followers’ feeds with irrelevant information and cause them to tune out when you’re really saying something valuable.

3.       Don’t be Desperate

Clearly if you are a B2B brand and you’re using social media you’re trying to market yourself. Though this mission’s clear, sales desperation is unattractive and irritating. Pushiness may make other businesses think your brand isn’t doing well or has something to compensate for. If you offer quality products, you should not have to foist them upon the uninterested. Customers respond better to an informed and relaxed message than a pushy one and remember, social networking isn’t just about making sales, it’s about creating relationships with other B2B influencers.

4.        Listen to Your Peers

Try to keep tabs on your customers who Tweet or post positive things about your brand and reward them accordingly with Retweets or even special promotions! It’s also important to keep track of those who don’t love your business. Don’t discard their opinions just because you don’t like them…listen to the complaints, address them fairly, and use this valuable feedback to improve your brand.


In the context of B2B marketing, social media should be used professionally and responsibly at all times. Don’t squander a great opportunity to garner new clientele and create meaningful industry relationships by treating social media like an afterthought. Customers like to see your business as both competent and confident. Business-to-business marketing is not all that different from traditional marketing, but you must always, always keep your audience in mind.

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