Marketers Taking Broader View, Want Multi-Channel Messaging Strategy

Webmarketing123 recently took the pulse of more than 500 B2B and B2C marketing professionals and published the results in its first annual State of Digital Marketing report, released late last year.

Among the findings that caught my eye, the data showed that:

  • Facebook tops social media use for B2C. Three in four (75%) of the B2C companies polled said they are the most active on Facebook. B2B companies showed a more even distribution across all three leading networks with 35% emphasizing Facebook, and 26% and 25% using Twitter and LinkedIn, respectively.
  • Social media fuels profits. 68% of the marketers in the survey said they have generated leads from social media sites with 55% reporting that they have closed deals from social media leads.
  • Social media is increasingly important for B2B.

In addition, the results also revealed one more intriguing trend:

As marketers begin to realize the effectiveness of digital approaches, they are beginning to take a broader, more comprehensive view.

In fact, when Webmarketing123 asked, “Which topic do you wish to learn more about?” the marketers in the survey overwhelming voted for an overall cross-functional digital strategy (62.1%), followed by social media marketing (45.9%), and then SEO (38.1%) and PPC (29.1%).

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I’m particularly happy to see this finding because it tells me that marketers are starting to recognize that there is no “silver bullet” in digital marketing. Instead, success –for both B2C and B2B –will come from a consistent, integrated multi-channel approach.

It only makes sense. Recent research has shown that social networking is now the most engaging online activity in the world. That means consumers aren’t learning about your product only from visiting your company website. More and more, they’re using a variety of different platforms (and devices!) to share information, research products and vendors, and make purchases. Your messaging strategy has to follow suit.

In other words, if you want to optimize your campaigns, you simply must be active wherever your customers are. You need to aim for consistency of content/ideas across these channels, and implement new metrics of engagement for each, as well.

Fortunately, technology can help. Marketing automation solutions enable marketers to master today’s fragmented, multi-channel marketplace and derive actionable insights from the digital data that now streams in 24/7.

For more discussion about cross-channel promotions, check out our webinar series designed specifically for B2B marketers. The seven webinars in the Aprimo Roadmap to Lead Management Success series are packed with information about how to make the most of today’s digital marketing channels.

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    I appreciated the information you provided. I recently met with a california seo company and I think it’s amazing how this seo work is taking off. It is a very effective way to market your company.

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