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How to Gain Massive B2B Sales Leads During Black Friday

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How to Gain Massive B2B Sales Leads During Black Friday image b2b sales leads14

Black Friday is the name of the day given to the day right after Thanksgiving in the United States of America. It marks the end of the Thanksgiving season and marks the start of the Christmas period. During this time, major retailers usually open their doors at around 4 am just to extend their shopping hours, and thus have the major potential of increasing sales. You can also use this day to your advantage to get a large amount of b2b sales leads.


You are not actually going to do business-to-business sales leads generation during this day. If you do, then you are not going to get much success with your sales and marketing plans. Although it is not a national holiday, many retailers give a bunch of their employees the day off just to increase their sales (pretty slick idea right?).

What you can do is get in touch with them prior to Thanksgiving. Why before Thanksgiving? Because people will not be in their offices starting Thursday (so it is pretty useless to do any type of marketing then).


Here are the things that you can do in order to make the most out of this eventful day:

  • Reduce prices. If you want your products and services to “sell out,” then one of the best things to do is to establish a competitive pricing scheme. Furthermore, when you compete, you have to REALLY compete. Many businesses will slash off their prices at around fifty percent of their original prices. Now even if the prices are lowered to the extremes, the revenue gained will be more than enough compensation. Just imagine thousands of people flocking to stores.
  • Provide freebies. People are suckers for free items. This may sound harsh but it is the reality of things. Sales leads can find your products and services more appealing if you throw in something in with their purchase. Something with lesser or equal value will suffice.
  • Special offers do not have to last a single day.Retail stores might slash their prices and give extra freebies on this momentous of day. However, you do not have to follow suit. Your offers can run for a few days more after Black Friday so that your sales leads can catch up to your promotions. Go for the extra mile and you might just get that extra amount of leads and appointments.
  • Start spreading the news. Simply posting a poster right outside your establishment will not get you a mass amount of clients. Spread the word more; use the power of the Internet or send out fliers to targeted prospects. Try to maximize your sales leads count even before Friday gets here.

Take note that you will be going against a lot of other companies in generating sales leads and appointments during this day. Do your best and you can be ahead of the competition after the weekend dies out.

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