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B2B Lead Generation: Critical Questions Successful Marketers Must Ask

b2bFor any B2B company the generation of quality leads are not just necessary, but are the life-line of the business. If leads are not nurtured and eventually converted to sales, chances of  a brand’s survival is quite dismal.   As such, it is imperative that B2B marketing campaigns are strategically planned to the very last detail and monitored to closely to ensure that they are effective in their approach.  Before a B2B marketer dives head-first into a marketing campaign, there are some critical questions they should answer.

  1. Is this the right time?  Are you launching your campaign at the right time? Will your timing affect the potential reach of your message?  I’ve worked with clients who wait until the last minute to launch marketing campaigns that won’t possibly give them the results they achieve.
  2. Do you know how to effectively reach your target market?  Understanding the personality of your target market is important as this will give you the knowledge you need to tailor your campaign so that your target market receives, understands and acts on the marketing message you are delivering.
  3. What critical performance indicators are you using to measure your success? Determine which metrics provide information that is valuable to you. Good indicators are click-through rates, social network shares, voucher returns, inquiries from potential clients or newsletter sign-ups.  Before you launch a B2B marketing strategy, decide which metrics you will measure and determine exactly how you will measure these metrics.
  4. Are you providing content that is relevant, informative, creative and intelligent? B2B marketers tend to provide information through the use of online videos, how-to guides and white papers, however consider employing other strategies that suit your target market.   Webinars and Infographics are great tools B2B marketers can use to provide informative, creative and intelligent content.
  5.  Is your call to action clear, precise and compelling?  Make it clear to your target market what you would like for them to do after they have received your content.  If you want the receiver to click a link and download a white paper, ask them to do it.  If you want the receiver to sign up for your newsletter, simply ask them to do it.  Be direct with your requests.
  6. What is your strategy for nurturing the leads you’ve garnered? After working so hard to procure these leads you should have a strategy in place to build and maintain a relationship with these leads.  Failure to follow up with leads could result in you losing them for good!

While this is not an exhaustive list of what to ask yourself before embarking on B2B marketing campaign, these can certainly help you to critically assess your plans. If you cannot answer any of them definitively, you may need to do some reassessing.

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