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3 B2B SEO Assumptions You Should Never Make

You know what they say when you assume something? It makes a [expletive] of U and ME. The old saying holds true in a lot of situations, including B2B SEO. As marketing professionals, it’s never a good idea to assume you understand your target audience perfectly, assume you know everything your competition is doing or assume you aren’t missing the mark in some way.

Here are 3 B2B SEO assumptions that could potentially ruin you SEO campaign:

Last click = conversion source
A huge part of any B2B SEO campaign is proving ROI; determining what tactics worked well and which ones didn’t. Obviously tactics that seemingly lead to more conversions can be considered more valuable, and therefore deserve more time/budget/attention and so forth. But here is where it gets tricky—the B2B sales cycle is so long term that you can’t just assume that that new customer’s last action/click was the thing that drove them to convert.

For instance, let’s say someone clicked through to your site via a PPC ad. How did they come across that ad? Maybe they did a branded search in Google, specifically looking for your company. But how did they find out about your company? Maybe the read an article you published on an industry blog. Or maybe they came across your booth at an industry tradeshow and signed up for the company newsletter. Any one of those touch points could be credited with being the conversion source. Don’t just assume their last click was the driving force behind their conversion.

Analytics holds all the answers
Ok, so maybe analytics DOES hold all the answers, but only if you interpret the raw data the right way. Analytics are really just numbers and we as B2B marketers interpret them as best as we can. That’s our job; to take numbers and assign some sort of value to them. Sometimes we make the data fit a preconceived notion because that’s what we are expecting to see. Other times we miss valuable insights because we get so far bogged down in the data that we forget to apply it to the business environment our company is operating in. It’s very easy to misread your analytics if you don’t know how to properly interpret it.

B2B content marketing is boring
First off, if you think your industry is boring I have one question for you, why are you in that industry?! Secondly, B2B content is only as boring as B2B content writers make it. Oftentimes we get so comfortable to the ins and out of our given industry, as well as our company, that we forget our customers aren’t privy to the same insider knowledge. Just because it’s old hat for you that doesn’t mean your target audience won’t find it interesting!

Don’t be afraid to interject some humor and personality into your B2B content marketing. You don’t have to stick with static blocks of text either. Branch out into videos, podcasts, infographics, webinars and more! Never settle for boring, no matter how you feel about your industry.

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