Social Media and your Automotive Business – The Evolution of an Industry

For businesses that have been slow to grasp the concept of social media, the learning curve can be harsh and incredibly steep. Such is the evolutionary nature of social media, and the pace with which it is continually adapted to suit commercial purposes, businesses must strive hard to remain in touch with their consumers needs.

The impact of social media has been more pronounced in some industries than others, with the automotive trade providing an extremely relevant example. Traditionally driven by customer facing sales and offline advertising techniques, it is now at the mercy of social media and remote interaction between customers.

Social Media in the Automotive Industry: Its Impact and how your Business can Benefit

With this in mind, the key challenge facing automotive traders is how to utilize social media to their advantage. If organizations fail to understand the core purpose of social media and neglect the need for an integrated strategy, then they could lose valuable ground to their market competitors. So: –

  • Understand how your Consumers Use Social Media: In recent times, it has become apparent that consumers are using social media for a variety of reasons. Increasingly, sites such as Facebook are serving as consumer reference tools, whereby users search for products and refer brands to people within their personal network. So while having a social media presence that reflects your business is a given, it is crucial that you tailor this to incorporate detailed information on specific vehicles and offer a clear incentive for users to recommend your products.

  • Create an Integrated Social Media Presence: With Facebook being the market leading social media website, it is all too easy to neglect additional resources that offer advantages to your automotive business. Take micro-blogging resource such as Twitter, for example, which provides a unique platform from which to deliver succinct marketing messages and calls for consumer action. Similarly, the fast growing social media website Pinterest allows you to present high quality pictures of your vehicle fleet, and it is crucial that you utilize these as part of an integrated strategy.

  • Embrace the Concept of Real Time and Remote Communication: Above all else, however, social media has revolutionized the way in which consumers interact with brands and service providers. In terms of the automotive industry, this dictates that your potential customers are increasingly likely to peruse vehicles online and make queries through remote email. Bearing this in mind, you should ensure that your business encourages communication through social media interfaces, and be fully prepared to engage in conversations with individuals who are interested in your products and service.

The Bottom Line for Those in the Automotive Industry

Social media is a fluid and malleable tool, and one that is at the mercy of innovative and forward thinking business leaders. It is important that you follow trends within the market and adapt social media resources to suit your own automotive business, paying specific attention to each individual website and the key benefits that it offers.

Businesses such as Carfinance247 have even gone a step further, by integrating real time communication techniques into their main website. This allows consumers to engage in a live question and answer session with representatives of the site, so that they can gather information or raise queries quickly and efficiently.

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  • Yes, there has been a huge evolution in the automotive industry. I own a local towing company and it has become very important for our business to develop an online presence. Many homes and families no longer use phone books, and rely heavily on the internet for all of their answers. It is also important to have mobile friendly websites due to the increasing number of mobile/tablet visitors.

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