Rev That Engine: 3 Hobbies for Work-Stressed Thrill Seekers

CEOs and supervisors may not be the overly stressed and anxious workaholics that they’re assumed to be. In fact, a new study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that subordinates are actually more likely to experience stress than people in leadership positions. According to, the project examined the relationship of leadership and stress by recruiting 148 leaders and 65 non-leaders. Researchers measured the participants’ salivary corisol, the stress hormone. Researchers concluded that cortisol levels were 27 percent lower in leaders than non-leaders. Researchers also concluded that non-leaders experienced more anxiety after participants were asked to respond to questions and rate them. The study alludes to the idea that with leadership comes control and more money, which equates to less stress.

Thrill Seeking for Work Stress

For subordinates and non-leaders who are more prone to stress and anxiety, having an outlet to prevent burn outs can help reduce high levels of stress. emphasizes how maintaining a healthy perspective and adopting stress outlets are essential for stressed lives. Many people rely on yoga, crafts or reading to relax, but for adventurers who seek pulse-pumping thrills, ATV trail riding or motocross sports may be therapy for leading low-stress and anxiety-free lives.

If you’re yearning for adventure in your life, these three outdoor extreme activities may be exactly what you need:

ATV Trail Riding

Replace dull afternoons and release cooped-up energies with adrenaline-pumping outdoor ATV riding. If you’re new to the exhilarating hobby and without a vehicle, you can easily find used and discounted ATVs for sale online. Preview different styles, inspect the quad for major damages and be aware of prices that may be too good to be true. Once you’ve found your four-wheeler and the proper safety equipment, hit the trails to ramp up your adrenaline and feed your need for speed. Nature and sun are excellent stress relievers. Driving down steep rocky hills and navigating wilderness trails positively refocuses energy and lessens stress.

The High Mountain ATV Jamboree in Wallace, Idaho, and the National ATV Jamboree in Fillmore, Utah, are excellent events for a vacation getaway and escaping the everyday grind. In Wallace, riders will experience scenic views and mountainous terrain. In Fillmore, jamboree riders will ride on various trails that climb through Paradise Canyon and traverse through the Pahvant Mountain Range. From volcanic and desert trails to excursions in Sand Rock Ridge and Pioneer Canyon, the wild rides are exciting for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

Jeep Off-Roading

Are you in the market for a new vehicle as well as some thrill seeking in the outdoors? Jeep® Trail Rated® jeeps are superior vehicles for high-performance off-roading on the most unexpected terrain. The Jeep Wrangler is the most popular vehicle for the freedom and capabilities to explore the outdoors. Also, by joining a local 4×4 club, you can meet other off-roading enthusiasts who are just as excited about the next adventure as you are. In a 4×4 club, you’ll have opportunities to socialize, gain knowledge and share tips for back-road activities and new trails.

If you’re in need of a road trip getaway, keep in mind the following destinations ideal for off-road driving and wilderness traveling:

  • California: In Northern California, the Barney Riley 10-mile trail meets the Carson River. With rocky hill climbs and a manmade stone pool, the trail offers excitement and relaxation. In Southern California, Death Valley National Park offers unpaved backcountry roads, including Furnace Creek, Lippincott Mine Road and Panamint Valley Trail.
  • Colorado: The Alpine Tunnel/Hancock Pass is one of the best destinations in Colorado for moderate off-road driving. You’ll traverse through the historic Hancock site toward the 12,140-foot Hancock Pass. The Argentine Pass/Waldorf Road is another popular trail that ends at the summit ideal for hiking on the Montezuma side.
  • Arizona: Off-roaders driving the tough terrain of the Axle Alley trail, located near Florence Junction, will start the journey among waterfalls. Also, the 18-mile El Oso Mine trail runs along the ridge line in the Four Peaks area. It climbs the Mazatzal Mountains, overlooks Big Pine Flat and meets the Joline Mine trail that’ll test your adventurer’s spirit with tight brush and large slabs.

Motocross Racing

Test your physical stamina and hit the dirt track with an off-road enduro or used two-stroke motocross bike for super-charged adrenaline rushes. If you’re new to the racing sport, a designated sportsmen (or enduro) class is best for beginners with a soft-suspended off-road bike. Start by familiarizing yourself with the sport and ask a seasoned racer to show you how the race operates, Dirt Rider Magazine suggests. Visit your local motorcycle dealership for insider information such as the best tracks in the region and what classes particular bikes are eligible to participate in. To get your body used to the physical aspects of motocross racing, practice by taking laps around a local track. It’s a physically strenuous sport with riders closely racing around the track. The goal of your first race is to experience the sport and afterward you can start to develop skills and gain speed. Dirt Rider Magazine encourages beginners to ride within their comfort zone and don’t push your limits. “Slow down and learn; speed will shortly follow.”

Motocross is an intense sport that challenges your mental focus and physical strength. It requires extensive mental training and physical practice, which makes it an optimal replacement for work stress. To perform spins and make landings, riders must develop the endurance, strength and control. A well-structured motocross training program and practice keep riders disciplined and working toward a goal. For an adrenaline junkie, the increased endorphins and a rush of chemicals experienced with extreme sports can reduce negative energies. With motocross training, you’ll work toward top performance by focusing and building confidence. Once you start to develop the self-confidence with motocross, you can shift the confidence and mental skills for properly responding to and managing stress. From freestyle and supercross to supermoto and mini-cross, various motocross sports can help thrill seekers cope with stress by living life on the edge.

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