Congestion Busters: Fun Gridlock Tips [Slideshare]

Congestion busters fun gridlock tips

Road congestion is a very serious issue which is damaging the UK economy – but these fun tips, like investing in Hoverbikes and water powered jet packs, aren’t serious in the slightest.

Congestion – More Than Just a Traffic Jam

Some might think that sitting in congestion is a mere inconvenience, but for business owners, it’s money down the drain. Looking at the bottom line reveals a disturbing picture of congested Britain:

  • £8 billion per year lost from our economy thanks to congestion
  • £22 billion per year is predicted to be lost by 2025
  • 4th most conested country in Europe
  • 7th most congested city in Europe? That’ll be the Leeds-Bradford area. (London came 8th.)

Time to Dump Traditional Company Vehicles

Cheer up though because there are solutions; unconventional yes, but worthy of further investigation…

Rollerblades vs. Olympics

Delivery firm CitySprint outraced London 2012 Olympic traffic by employing a fleet of… rollerbladers. Well, five in all. Kitted out with hand-held GPS units, these wheeled-wonders proved to be so effective that the company is now considering making them a permanent part of the fleet.

Canals, Not Cars. Rivers, Not Roads

Who says that companies need to use Britain’s road network at all? Instead, why not use the 2,200 miles of Britain’s canals and rivers to get reps from A to B using the amazing Jetlev, a water powered jetpack? By sucking up water before shooting it out with 420 pounds of thrust, the US invention can propel you 30ft into the air (to avoid water rage incidents), enables you to travel at speeds of up to 25mph and boasts a range of up to 80 miles (better than most electric vehicles!) An bsolute snip at $99,500 each!

“Yep, Bat’s My New Company Motor!”

Leave traffic quaking in your wake (or at least destroy their ear drums) with this, the world’s only turbine-powered Batmobile! A one-off, this road-legal monster based on the 1989 Tim Burton movie incarnation of the car was built by US company Putsch Racing and can be bought on eBay for $620,000. The pros? The maker claims that the service intervals are less frequent than those of a regular car. Potential downsides? At roughly 25 feet long, parking in a Pay & Display may prove to be troublesome. Unless you use the rocket launcher

The Ritz of the Roads

Spending all your waking hours on the motorway and sleeping in Travel Inns? Then sell your office and upgrade to the ultimate luxury camper in the, let’s say, exotic shape of the eleMMent Palazzo. This outlandish 40 foot camper ‘van’ features a master bedroom with en suite (including a rainfall shower), fireplace, roof terrace, bar and a 40” satellite telly to review BabestationPowerPoint presentations on. The princely price for such a lavish abode? A mere £1.9 million. Though your financial controller may have palpitations about the monster’s 13MPG. Company fuel card not included.

Hover Above the Horror

How about bypassing our congested streets altogether? Instead, why not shoot 10,000 feet above them at a cool 172MPH? Time to invest in Australian Chris Malloy’s Hoverbike then. He’s been beavering away on the revolutionary design for over two years and so far, he’s managed to get the bike hovering at, erm, three foot. While tied to the ground. Why? Because he’s not quite sure what might happen if he unties it…

Reality Check

If a £1.9 million luxury van, a Hoverbike or a Batmobile don’t quite suit your company’s needs then you can always revert back to your usual company vehicles.

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In all seriousness, to tackle the very real drain congestion can have on your fuel finances, arm your drivers with our eGuide Be a superhero of fuel saving.


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