6 Ways to Keep Your Car Insurance Low

There are many ways to keep your automobile insurance quotes low. Knowing some of them can save you hundreds of dollars per year. In today’s hard economic times this can make a big difference in your life. They more you know the more you can save. Here are six tips to lower auto insurance rates.

Travel Less for Work-
The more miles you put on you vehicle the higher you premium will be. Having a job closer to you house will not only save you on gas, but will save on your auto insurance cost as well. It is considered a higher risk when you travel further because your risk of an accident increases.

Only File Major Claims-
While it may seem to save you money at the time, filing an auto insurance claim that is only slightly higher than you deductible will wind up costing you. Paying for your accident out of pocket will save you money by keeping your premium lower. The more car insurance claims you turn in the more your insurance will cost you.

Only You Drive Your Car-
Your auto insurance rates will increase with each driver added to your policy. A car insurance policy that will cover any driver can be very costly. Your insurance cost will be lowest if you are the only driver.

Wear Your Seat belt-
This may sound like something your parents would tell you, but could really save you money in the long run. Wearing your seat belt not only decreases you chance of an injury; it also decreases your chance of an insurance claim. Moving violations on your record will increase your car insurance quote.

Keep a Clean Driving Record-
This can be easily done if you follow all driving laws. Traffic tickets will increase the cost of your auto coverage as will accidents. Speeding can lead to accidents. It is always better to obey all laws while driving and this could help to keep you insurance costs lower.

Take a Driver Safety Course-
There are many insurance companies that will offer great discounts for driver who have completed a driving course.

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